February 9, 2023

A Country Music Classic, Dixie Road by Lee Greenwood

With his famous signature song, “God Bless the USA,” Lee Greenwood rose to prominence. However, other than this song, he was also able to release others that were also well-loved by many. He was able to chart around seven no. 1 hits throughout his career, and one of those is Dixie Road.

One of the many Lee Greenwood hit songs, “Dixie Road,” was written by Don Goodman, Pam Rose, and Mary Ann Kennedy. However, Lee Greenwood himself didn’t originally sing the song since Leslie Utter first released it in 1979.

However, a few years later, Lee Greenwood decided to release his version as part of his 1985 platinum album, Greatest Hits. Just like his songs such as God Bless the USA, this too became a phenomenal success, making it hit the charts and peaking at no. 1 on both the Billboard US Hot Country Songs and Canadian RPM Country Tracks.

The song was also nominated for the Academy of Country Music Award for Single of the Year and the American Music Award for Favorite Country Single.

Meaning Behind the Song 

Since dreaming is free, having as many dreams as possible is alright. However, sometimes pursuing your aspirations also requires making sacrifices. This song only conveys the narrator’s story. The lover who had formerly been at his side and supported him through the years is left at home. During that time, he pursues his goals while she does the same with hers. 

They moved more apart as they pursued their individual goals. However, the narrator’s heart drifts back down to Dixie Road whenever he sings. The narrator can’t seem to forget about the girl, no matter how far along they are now with one another. 

So, if you want to listen to a song that will take you down memory lane, then “Dixie Road” by Lee Greenwood is the right song for you. You can listen to the music now below. 


Lee Greenwood

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