December 22

Jewel’s “My Father’s Daughter” Tells How Proud She Is of Her Parents

Jewel has yet again proven she is worthy of a Grammy nomination after releasing “My Father’s Daughter,” a song co-written by songwriter Lisa Carver. What makes this song extra special, aside from being a tribute to her parents, is that Jewel featured one of her musical heroes, Dolly Parton.

Meaning Behind The Song 

We all have different ways of honoring our parents. It might be through words, letters, or a little act of service. But Jewel’s “My Father’s Daughter” will give you another idea when an occasion comes up and you run out of tricks under your sleeves. 

A voiceover at the start of the video states, “My family didn’t have heirlooms. We had songs.” The Tom Campbell-directed film features sequences that honor Jewel’s early years as she looks back on her upbringing with nostalgia. You can hear the steady strings of guitars right from the start, accompanied by Jewel’s vocals, singing heartfelt lyrics about her father and their humble family.

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Jewel recalls all her childhood experiences throughout the music video, singing her new autobiographical single. The song is calming and takes you to different places as Jewel narrates her life and her family’s struggles and successes. 

During the chorus, Jewel sings about being her father’s daughter and she became the product of their sacrifices. Jewel also proudly claimed that she was able to become successful because of everything her parents taught her.

After the first chorus, Dolly Parton serenades the listeners. Jewel openly talked about how she idolized Dolly and how the artist inspired her to become the singer she is now. With Loretta Lynn, Jewel thanked the icons who encouraged her to reveal her true self and life before becoming successful.

Every one of us has started from somewhere—a point in our lives that we consider our point zero. There are also people to whom we give all credit for our success, and Jewel’s “My Father’s Daughter” is the singer’s way of giving homage to the people who helped her along the way.

Hear Jewel’s vocals in her single “My Father’s Daughter” right here.


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