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Randy Travis and wife Mary Davis’ Controversial Love Story

To say that Randy Travis and wife Mary Davis’ marriage had gone through some tough, complicated times is a massive understatement. Just the beginning of their love story has already been very controversial – two married people who got caught in a cheating scandal. And that was not the end of it; the country legend also had multiple run-ins with the law, including alcohol abuse and violence. Still, their love never wavered. And when Randy Travis’ massive stroke happened in 2013, Davis remained by his side every step of the way. 

So, let’s go back and see how this controversial love story all unraveled, get to know more about Mary Davis, and of course, know the secret behind their long-lasting love. 

First Chapter: The Love Scandal

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It was 1977 and 17-year old Randy Traywick, or now popularly known for his stage name Travis auditioned for a talent competition held at a club in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he became friends with the 33-year-old club owner Mary Elizabeth ‘Lib’ Hatcher. At that time, he already had a rap sheet – doing drugs and drunk driving. He even faced a five-year prison sentence for breaking into a convenience store. Upon hearing that, Lib convinced the judge to let Randy be released into her custody.

Lib got him, but after some time, Randy’s presence and their relationship as manager and artist strained Lib’s own marriage. To the point that Lib decided to leave her then-husband Frank and moved to Nashville with Travis. In 1984, the two became a romantic couple, but because Lib wanted to make young Travis look available to his audience and attract more fans, they kept their relationship a secret. 

But they did become public about it after rumors circulated that Travis was gay. They married in 1991 until their loving relationship turned into the nastiest divorce that country music has ever seen. There had been a series of lawsuits and counter-suits after Lib also found out that Travis had been cheating on her with his dentist’s wife, Mary Beougher. The divorce was finalized in 2011. 

And two years later, the controversial pair got engaged. 

Who is Randy Travis’ wife, Mary Davis?

There were hardly any details about Randy Travis‘ spouse, Mary Davis’ family, or early life. She made headlines after her cheating scandal with country legend Randy Travis became public. Using a spy camera on Travis’ tour bus, his then-wife Lib found out that the two had been sleeping together, causing Lib and Travis’ 19-year marriage to go down in flames. 

Before, she was married to cosmetic dentist Dr. Ritchie Beougher of Willow Bend Dental Office. At the time, she was the office’s manager. The couple had two children together, a daughter named Cavanaugh and a son named Raleigh. 

Second Chapter: Sticking Through The Lows

Randy Travis was notorious for breaking the law, and much has not changed since then. On August 7, 2012, he got arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in Tioga, Texas, with an embarrassing dashboard cam footage of him naked. Davis petitioned for the video not to be released publicly. 

A few weeks later, on August 23, Travis also had a physical confrontation with Davis’ estranged husband in the parking lot of Prestonwood Baptist Church. He was charged with a misdemeanor assault and reached a plea agreement where he served 90 days of deferred adjudication or probation during the period.

Nevertheless, Davis stood by his side and stuck with him. 

But the worst was yet to come for the couple. In 2013, just months after they got engaged, Travis was admitted to the hospital due to an upper respiratory infection. A few days later, he had a massive stroke, and he was given only a 1% chance of survival. Three months later, Travis still did not recover, and doctors advised Davis to consider pulling the plug. But she refused and said that they were fighting this. Randy recovered but also suffered from brain surgery, so he had to spend six more months in the hospital after coming out of his coma.

Davis was by his side each step of the way and helped him through physical therapy. Slowly, he regained his ability to speak and walk again. According to Davis, the experience taught them to love and adore each other in ways beyond what they thought was possible. And after that, there wasn’t anything that could tear them apart. 

Third Chapter: A Long-Lasting Love

Two years after Travis suffered a near-fatal stroke, the couple finally exchanged vows. The country music legend secretly married Davis on March 21, 2015. In an interview with Davis, one of her most favorite Randy Travis songs was “Are We In Trouble Now,” which they loved to play all the time while holding hands and crying. He sang that song for her in their emotional ceremony. 

In 2019, the singer wrote a memoir titled “Forever and Ever, Amen,” which also paid tribute to his greatest hit. The book dug up bones of his past, the demons he faced, and the shameful choices he made. And at the same time, it also talked about faith and redemption, which played a significant part in his life. 

As of now, Randy Travis and wife Mary Davis currently live on their ranch in Texas, where he continues to do physical rehabilitation. And occasionally, he makes special appearances in different events around the country. The couple has no children together. 


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