June 22

What It Takes for A Boy to Grow in Rodney Atkins’ “He’s Mine”

If you’re into a song that tells a story about a father and a son, then Rodney Atkins’ “He’s Mine” is perfect for you. Billy Ray Cyrus first recorded the song for the “Back to Tennesee” back in 2009. And then, in November 2011, Atkins also recorded and released the song. It is composed by Casey Beathard, Phil O’Donnell, and Tim James. 

The title of the song was supposed to be “She’s Mine,” with lyrics about a small stubborn girl. Though the trio somewhat struggled with the content, Beathard thought of rather changing it into “He’s Mine” and incorporating memories of their childhood. 

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For Atkins, he links the song as a result when the boy from ‘Watching You’ matures. The story revolved around the boy’s adolescent years and then grew up being an upright and reputable young gentleman who would make all fathers say, “He’s my boy.. he’s mine!” 

Rodney Atkins is a proud father to Elijah, his son, explains that the song rings a bell with him as soon as he heard it while preparing for the “If You’re Going Through Hell” album. 

In the music video, the singer’s adoptive father enters the screen with his son’s guitar. And at the end of the video, a split-screen shows Rodney Atkins and his father, and the third generation of Atkins -little Elijah holding a fish on the riverside. 

He’s Mine by Rodney Atkins entered the Billboard Top Country Songs chart. It ranked 23rd on US Country Song and Country Airplay in May 2012. Although unfortunately, the song did not enter the Hot 100, it still peaked at number 3 on Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles. 

You may also check some Rodney Atkins Songs. Bond with your father and listen to Rodney Atkin’s “He’s Mine” below.


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