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What You Need to Do If You’re Going Through Hell (Before the Devil Even Knows)


What You Need to Do If You’re Going Through Hell (Before the Devil Even Knows) 1

Having a bad day? Console yourself by tuning to Rodney AtkinsIf You’re Going Through Hell.

Topping its catchy tune is the practical wisdom you’ll pick from those few lines in a song. The point? Don’t fall for the devil’s trap. While it’s easy to just blow off some steam, there’s an urge to maintain your cool. The key here is to have some discernment on the devil’s ploy. He not only wants to make our lives miserable but also to turn us into a son of hell like him.

What made the song great is its honest acknowledgment of every human’s frailty and the balance of not fighting fire with fire. Otherwise, you’ll end up burned.

If You’re Going Through Hell (Official Music Video)

Track Bits

If You’re Going Through Hell is a contemporary country song by Rodney Atkins for his 2006 album sharing the same title. It instantly struck gold as it got multiple airplay on radios and soon declared No. 1 by Billboard.

As the song soared with its success, Atkins wasted no time indulging in pleasure but visited hospitals for children instead. He extended help through entertainment means. Reportedly, in October 2006, Atkins played his hit song for the young cancer patient, Maddie Trudel.

The song was a collaboration by couple Sam and Annie Tate and Nashville songsmith, Dave Berg. A family man, Atkins opted for the music video to be shot in his home studio. It’s his conviction that the way Country Music should be played is to show people’s actual lives.

Our thoughts? He sure nailed that right! Hat tips to Rodney Atkins’ authentic passion in bringing out the real substance of music.

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If You're Going Through Hell, Rodney Atkins

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