August 4

‘Done’ Hits Top Due to Love at First Sight

As inspiration can come from anywhere, this primarily is the factor needed by both singers and songwriters in order to breathe to life their musical crafts. But usually, inspirations are none other than the people we admire or those we love or close to us like in the case of Chris Janson. His hit song ‘Done’ snagged the top spot in Billboard’s Airplay Chart.

Dedicated to His Wife

Written by Mitch Oglesby, Jamie Paulin, Matt Roy, and Chris Janson himself, this single was first featured in his 2019 album, ‘Real Friends.’ Janson recollects memories from when he first met his wife.

“The moment I first saw my wife Kelly, I knew that was it. I was done,” he said.

Chris added that the song is about his realization that he’d be willing to work for the rest of his life just to make that special girl happy. He also thanked his co-writers for their contribution to the song.

The Perfect Blend of Tempo and Message

Amongst the singles he performed, he said that ‘Done’ is also his all-time favorite. Aside from the romantic message, its “ballad-like” tempo is what won his heart over. This has also been much appreciated by the masses whom he plays his songs to. The combination of a love song and an upbeat tempo is what made the song stand out.

Although Chris Janson’s happiness reached its peak a decade ago when he wed his wife in 2010, he said that he is still trying his hardest to impress her.

“She could’ve had anybody, but she picked me,” he said.

Times passed and they were soon blessed with two children. Janson also loves Kelly’s other children from her previous marriage. He considers him as his ‘bonus kids’. 

More Milestones

But his 2019 ‘Done’ success came weeks after his performance at Hwy 30 by the end of June. The crowd situation may have gone out of control as the fans disregarded social distancing protocols and the wearing of facemasks. Nonetheless, the event ended in big success for Janson.

But ‘Done’ isn’t the only single which managed to reach the top spot though. Janson’s past top-charters include his ‘Fix A Drink’, ‘Good Vibes’, and his 2015 career turner, ‘Buy Me a Boat’.

Inspiration may play a big role in contributing to a song’s success, but Chris Janson‘s success didn’t end there. He continuously works his way into the heart of the person he loves and his admirers, thus leading more people into celebrating his milestones with him.


Chris Janson

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