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Meet Kelly Lynn, Chris Janson’s Wife, Manager and Driving Force

Country music star Chris Janson’s wife Kelly Lynn is a big part of the singer-songwriter’s career. She’s not only his partner and his manager but also the inspiration for most of his songs and his driving force. 

Let’s get to know more about Kelly Lynn below.

She’s The One Who Pushed Chris Janson To Release His Breakout Single

Kelly Lynn deserves a great amount of credit for Janson’s recent successes. She was actually the one who pushed the singer to release his breakout single, “Buy Me a Boat,” independently on iTunes, without a label’s backing.

“She pushed me as my manager, my partner, and my best friend,” Janson told radio personality, Bob Kingsley. “She motivated me to do it and go through with it.”

Chris Janson Knew He Would Marry Kelly As Soon As He Laid Eyes On Her

It was love at first sight for the “Buy Me a Boat” singer. While he was sitting in a Nashville bar, Kelly Lynn walked in and caught his attention. Chris Janson proclaimed, “I’m going to marry her.” 

Frequently crossing paths with the pretty blonde from the bar, Chris Janson, later on, found out that she worked at a Nashville record label. The country singer booked a meeting with her to pitch his songs. 

“I thought he was the best thing I’d ever seen,” Kelly Lynn recalled. Then he invited her to his cabin under the guise of co-writing. They sat on his porch swing and fell in love. Three years after their first meeting, the happy couple tied the knot on July 4, 2010.

She Has Always Been Chris Janson’s Muse

If you want further proof of how in love Chris Janson is to his wife, then look no further than his music. The singer-songwriter’s song “Holdin’ Her,” which is the third single off of his debut album, Buy Me a Boat, is all about the things he loves most in life, and that’s his wife, Kelly Lynn Janson, and their kids.

His single “Done” from his most recent album, Real Friends, also has everything to do with Kelly Lynn. The love song has totally captured the couple’s love story.

“It’s my favorite song I’ve ever written,” Chris Janson said. “The opening line of the song, my favorite line is, ‘Done, the first time I saw you, done.’ And that’s what I said the first time I saw her. I saw her right down the street from here at Melrose Pool Hall [in Nashville]. First time, I was like, ‘Done and done, marrying that girl.'”

The singer added: “I just love my wife very much. We’re more than just a great married couple. We’re best friends, and we work together as well … I’m still trying to impress my wife every day, man. She’s hot. She could’ve had anybody, but she picked me.”

She’s the ‘Best Judge’ of Janson’s Music

Chris Janson writes on almost every song he records, but there’s one person he makes sure to run them by when it comes time to choose the winners and its Kelly Lynn.

“She is my best judge of music,” Chris Janson said. “I have to say that because without her honesty a lot of times people would surround you with just ‘Yes yes yes yes yes,’ and nobody gives you the real answer. She gives me the real answers on the songs.”

She Has Written a Song With Janson

In 2013, Chris Janson released the song “Better I Don’t,” which he penned with his wife and songwriter Pat Bunch.

“It’s the best thing ever,” Janson said about writing the song with his spouse. “She’s my best friend and a great writer. The number one best person to pull things out of me that you would want to know. The synergy was great. It was the first thing we ever wrote together.”

She’s A Mother Of Four

Chris Janson and Kelly Lynn were blessed with two kids, Georgia Janson and Jesse Bo Janson, and another two from Kelly Lynn’s previous marriage, which the singer lovingly refers to as his “bonus kids.”

The singer has been very vocal about the importance of family in his life, he told The Boot that he “just love[s] being a dad more than anything.”


Chris Janson

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