June 29

Throw Your Worries & Enjoy a Drink with Chris Janson’s “Fix A Drink”

After the success of the song “Buy Me A Boat,” Janson has been touring the country and performing in sold-out shows. As he prepares for a long-awaited summer, Chris Janson’s “Fix A Drink” was released believing it could reach the same achievement that ‘Buy Me A Boat’ made in 2015. It imparts a similar theme and emphasis for supporters of his breakout single. 

The song has a hip electric sound and catchy lyrics. Unlike other Chris Janson’s songs, here he has a chilled, relaxed vibe that makes him sound convincing as a mixed-drink expert. As he spends the verses talk-singing, Janson ignores all uncontrollable things – hot weather, world news, broken phone, and a damaged truck – to concentrate on those that he’s good at, fixing a drink. 

A serious or strong interpretation of the lyrics is unnecessary as the lines are very direct- Chris Janson can make a good, strong drink! It’s also a song to disregard your problems or anything that is happening for a moment and just have fun. ‘I could use a drink now’ is a rather common phrase used in America. 

The singer invited his friends to a camp in the music video, Michael Ray, Dustin Lynch, LoCash, and Luke Bryan. Everybody is having fun in the video. It’s great to see the modesty of the artists who are truly happy with the success Janson is experiencing. 

Fix A Drink by Chris Janson earned the #2 spot on US Country Airplay and 10th on the US Hot Country Songs chart (Dec.2017), and 4th spot on the Canada Country Billboard chart (Nov.2017). 

Regardless of what your favorite drink is, just sit back, relax and watch Chris Janson’s “Fix A Drink” in the video below.


Chris Janson

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