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No Need to Rush in Finding Match: The Story Behind T. Graham Brown’s “Don’t Go to Strangers”

No need to rush in dating; real love will find its way. That is what the message of the song “Don’t Go to Strangers” by T. Graham Brown conveys. The fourth single from the album, I Tell It Like It Used to Be, was made available in January 1987.

Anthony Graham Brown, also known in the music industry as T. Graham Brown, has been very fond of music since childhood. According to him, when it’s only a vocal and a guitar, he experiences a distinct atmosphere. More of the lyrics were audible. He was reminded of the inspiration for his decision to record these tunes. He sincerely hoped every listener appreciated this album as much as he did when composing it. He was referring to one of his hit songs, “Don’t Go to Strangers.” he narrated that during his childhood, he used to go to church with his family and sing worship songs. It drove him to be a musician in his later years.

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T. Graham Brown songs were popular country music in the 1990s. The lyrics of the song “Don’t Go to Strangers” tells an untold romance about a man who pleaded with the woman he loves, or probably an endeared friend, not to date strangers and dive into rush relationships. He witnessed her failed attempts to have boyfriends but only broke her heart. He advised the girl first to get to know the man she would date. He was concerned about the girl who went out with various strangers. Obliviously, the woman in the song did not realize that her “friend” liked her for a long time.

The song “Don’t Go to Strangers” peaked at No. 1 in the weekly ratings of US Hot Country Songs in 1987. It rose to the 20th position in the yearly billboard chart in the same year. Undoubtedly, T. Graham Brown was a remarkable country music icon in the ’90s.

Take a listen to his performance of “Don’t Go to Strangers” in the video below.


T. Graham Brown

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