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T. Graham Brown

Latest Stories

T. Graham Brown – Hell And High Water

Your Shoulder to Lean On: What Does the “Hell and High Water” Song by T. Graham Brown Convey?

In September 1986, T. Graham Brown, an American country music performer, and Alex Harvey co-wrote and released the song "Hell and High Water."

T. Graham Brown - Darlene

T. Graham Brown and His 80’s Top Hit Song — Darlene

T. Graham Brown's song Darlene was one of his top hits that reached the number one spot on the US Billboard chart. Learn more about this song here.

T Graham Brown Songs

Here Are The Best T. Graham Brown Songs That Dominated the 1980s Country Radio

In the mid-'80s, T. Graham Brown songs became a major presence on country radio. Let’s look at some of the greatest hits Brown has released through the years.

T. Graham Brown - Don't Go To Strangers

No Need to Rush in Finding Match: The Story Behind T. Graham Brown’s “Don’t Go to Strangers”

T. Graham Brown's country music hit "Don't Go to Strangers" in 1987 peaked at No. 1 in the US Hot Country Music Songs on the billboard charts.

T Graham Brown Facts

Here Are Some Facts About T. Graham Brown, Who Rose From Contract Songwriter To A Country Star

T. Graham Brown has one of the most illustrious careers in the genre. Let's celebrate his musical achievements by looking at some facts about him.