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Here Are Florida Georgia Line Songs That Made Their Shows The Biggest Party In Town

It’s impressive how Florida Georgia Line songs have been entertaining fans ever since our beloved duo, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, burst on the county music scene in 2012. Through the years, they’ve been captivating country fans’ hearts, shattering records, and ultimately became the biggest country group of the new decade by reigning the airwaves.

They’ve made a significant influence on the genre’s culture and direction that no one can ever deny. So, without further ado, we’re giving you some of their greatest hits – from singable party songs to deeper power ballads about life and love.

1. Cruise

From: Here’s to the Good Times (2012)

While the duo earned several hits throughout their career, “Cruise” remains to be their most powerful single. Country radio went buzzing the moment Florida Georgia Line released it as their debut single. Thanks to its addicting melody, it did not only become an instant hit, but it shattered several records. It’s actually the best-selling country digital single of all time since 2014.

2. H.O.L.Y.

From: Dig Your Roots (2016)

This timeless power ballad will surely take your breath away. 

With its sentimental lyrics heightened by a heartfelt melody, “H.O.L.Y.” set itself apart from the pack of Florida Georgia Line songs. It’s accompanied by just as an awestriking music video featuring the duo’s romantic performance at the majestic Twelve Apostles in Melbourne, Australia.

3. Meant to Be

From: Bebe Rexha’s Expectations (2018)

Though it’s Bebe Rexha’s single, Florida Georgia Line turned it into a massive hit on country radio. “Meant to Be” spent fifty weeks atop Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, breaking Sam Hunt’s “Body Like a Back Road” record of having the most weeks at No. 1.

4. Simple

From: Can’t Say I Ain’t Country (2018)

While we’ve known the duo for being the good-time country party band with songs centered on such bro-country clichés, things changed when Tyler and Brian became married men – and “Simple” is one best example of how they began focusing on deeper songs about love. 

5. May We All

From: Dig Your Roots (2016)

Florida Georgia Line joined forces with country star Tim McGraw for a song that praises the simple pleasures of small-town life. With its relatable lyrics of growing up and coming of age – combined with their voices that blend like whiskey and Coke – “May We All” quickly became the most added song on US radio.

6. Get Your Shine On

From: Here’s to the Good Times (2012)

The country duo followed up their exceptionally successful debut single with another radio-ready hit. Geared up with yet another addictive melody, the single embodies the party song culture that was once dominant.

7. This Is How We Roll

From: Here’s to the Good Times (2012)

Florida Georgia Line wrapped up their debut album with another good-time country song that gives trucks and drinking some shout-out – and the best part, country superstar Luke Bryan joined the duo.

8. Dirt

From: Anything Goes (2014)

Our beloved duo kicked off their sophomore album with “Dirt,” which is a mid-tempo ballad about different life events. The heartfelt tune was a bit of a change from their earlier feel-good tracks.

9. God, Your Mama, And Me

From: Dig Your Roots (2016)

Tyler and Brian went on collaborating with different artists, this time featuring the members of Backstreet Boys. The heartwarming ballad is a tribute to their wives, reassuring them that they will forever be by their sides.

10. Up Down

From: Morgan Wallen’s If I Know Me (2017)

Florida Georgia Line was also featured on Morgan Wallen’s second single release overall. The feel-good country song “Up Down” is about having a good time in a small town proved to be an infectious country hit, reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

11. I Love My Country

From: Life Rolls On (2020)

Nearly a decade of releasing music, Tyler and Brian show no sign of slowing down and are still delivering bonafide country hits – and this is evident in their 2020 single, “I Love My Country,” which finds the duo praising all the things they love about country life.

12. Sun Daze

From: Anything Goes (2014)

This wonderful summer jam brought a lot of joy to Florida Georgia Line’s fans. With its party-friendly vibe that’s dominant to the duo’s hits, it was no surprise when this song became another commercial success.

13. Colorado

From: Can’t Say I Ain’t Country (2018)

The groovy song about getting over a breakup in the Colorado Rockies celebrates a more relaxed lifestyle – something Florida Georgia Line knows too well as they’ve sung about it quite a few times.

14. Confession

From: Anything Goes (2014)

“Confession” is among Florida Georgia Line’s favorites from their sophomore album. As Brian said, the song’s lyrics bring them down to earth in the midst of all the victory and recognition they have achieved with their debut single.

15. Stay

From: Here’s to the Good Times (2012)

Prepare to get your heart broken with this emotional song that finds the duo singing about a man desperately doing anything to have his lover back in his life.  

Some More Florida Georgia Line Songs You Should Be Listening Right Now

Florida Georgia Line has indeed become one of the most high-profile acts in country music. Here are some more of the duo’s songs that made their mark in the genre.

  • Bumpin’ the Night
  • Good Good
  • Tell Me How You Like It
  • Lil Bit
  • Every Night
  • Round Here
  • Women
  • Second Guessing
  • Sittin’ Pretty
  • Take It Out on Me

How about you? What are your favorite Florida Georgia Line songs?


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