August 17

“Believe in Me,” Dan Fogelberg Romantically Woos for Trust

Dan Fogelberg
Dan Fogelberg/ Rollingstone

Try to play Dan Fogelberg songs for an hour or two, and you’ll agree that he was one of the finest romantic singers the music industry has ever introduced. He was a lover of song crafts that packed every tune with ear-grabbing detail. He seemed to have understood the human heart in a way few others could. Music critics agree that he was the late- ‘70s equivalent to James Taylor, who epitomized the definition of the term singer/songwriter in the 60s.

Fogelberg has shared the warmth of his voice through his shows and platinum-selling albums but was interrupted by a health crisis that led to his untimely death in 2007. He left us with his heart touching songs that express love-found or love gone-stories, which most of us can relate with. Whenever we hear him singing, everything seems to turn well, his voice helped make the world a better place.

Believe in Me

If I have to choose which of Dan’s songs spoke to me the most, I’ll pick “Believe in Me.”

If I could ever say it right 
And reach your hostage heart despite 
The doubts you harbor then you might 
Come to believe in me

The life I lead is not the kind 
That gives a woman peace of mind 
I only hope someday you’ll find 
That you can believe in me

The lyrics resonate a man’s heart that wholesomely pleads for trust and consideration from the woman he dearly loves. He humbly acknowledges his imperfections but also gives an assurance of sincere affection. This implies his willingness to strive to become a better man, someone who would deserve her love. The lines were just filled with impressions of promises delivered by Dan’s quixotic voice that could melt every woman’s heart.

The Role of Trust

Too many hearts have been broken 
Failing to trust what they feel 
But trust isn’t something that’s spoken 
And love’s never wrong when it’s real

The chorus gives a universal message about love and relationship realities. It accentuates the significance of trust for the longevity and success of a relationship. This world has been filled with romance stories that failed because not enough trust was given, if not taken for granted. Dan reminds us to give the relationship a try should we feel Cupid’s potion engulfing us, all it needs is trusting your heart to lead you to the right decision. If it’s true love, it will never be wrong, in the first place. And if it’s Dan Fogelberg wooing you with his songs, there’s no way you won’t believe in him.

Watch Dan’s live performance of “Believe in Me.” I want you to pay special attention to his own voice overplayed before the song starts. His message will definitely make you embrace his music more.

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Believe in Me, Dan Fogelberg

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