November 5

The Heartwarming Story That Alabama’s Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler) Tells

While written originally by Dave Loggins, the American country music band Alabama was the one that popularized the song Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler). They released it in 1984, and the track gave the band their 12th straight Billboard Hot Country Singles chart-topper

It is one of the more heartwarming Alabama songs. The song is a tribute to American truck drivers that work hard to support their families. The song’s story goes like this…

In the first verse, the father leaves for a trip through the Midwest worth several days. Saddened, his children seek comfort from their mother, which she doesn’t hesitate to give. She tells the children that remembering the song their father taught is the only thing they need to do. 

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By the second verse, the mother receives a phone call from an unknown caller late at night. The caller informs her that her husband’s semitrailer truck got jackknifed in a snow bank around the interstate highway. 

The mother remains calm despite learning the rescuers’ search for her husband got called off because of a punishing blizzard. She stays confident even after hearing that they didn’t find her husband in the local motels or houses. 

She firmly believes that they will find her husband alive. As they wait for news, the mother and her children pray for his safety. The family then sings the refrain of Alabama’s Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler) to comfort themselves through a long night of worrying, sadness, and anticipation.

By the third and final verse, the family waits for the next phone call, believing it will contain terrible news. However, God, the “Man Upstairs,” was listening to their prayers. 

The phone rings after a long wait, and the mother hears her husband’s voice on the other end. He is safe and sound. He then asks if they sang the song while the rescuers were looking for him. 

Alabama‘s “Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler)” is a touching song. It can easily pull a tear or two out of your eyes. So, if you are someone that hasn’t heard this beautiful song before, don’t miss out. Listen to it right away by clicking here. 



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