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September 8, 2021


September 8, 2021


September 8, 2021

The iconic, Grammy-award-winning group definitely revolutionized the way bands were perceived in country music. Alabama songs brought youthful energy, sensuality, and a rocking edge that introduced more audiences to the genre and opened the door to independent bands.

Alabama is truly one of the most successful groups in music history. They’ve won a myriad of awards – which includes three from Grammy and several more from CMA. But the most remarkable of them all was when they were hailed as ACM Entertainer of The Year for five times in a row.

Of course, how could we ever forget how the band reeled in over forty No.1 hits at country radio – a record that will probably never be equaled in any genre. And today, we’re going to revisit some of them. Keep on scrolling and check out Alabama’s greatest hits of all time.

1. “Song of the South”

From: Southern Star (1988)

Written by Bob McDill, “Song of the South” tells the tale of a poor Southern cotton farm family during the Great Depression. Country singer Bobby Bare released the song in 1980, but it was Alabama who carried it to the coveted top spot of the country chart.

2. “The Closer You Get”

From: The Closer You Get… (1983)

This song’s hook-laden chorus blended with airtight harmonies is absolutely the perfect example of Alabama’s music. “The Closer You Get” is told from a man’s point of view about the woman he likes, and it completely captures how it feels to fall in love.  

3. “Lady Down on Love”

From: The Closer You Get… (1983)

Written by the band’s lead vocalist Randy Owen, “Lady Down on Love” follows a couple’s divorce from a wife’s perspective – followed by the husband’s point of view in the second verse.

While they’re both saddened by the end of their marriage, the husband admits that his wife could no longer live with a man she couldn’t trust

4. “Feels So Right”

From: Feels So Right (1980)

The love ballad with sensuous and somewhat explicit lyrics definitely got people talking in various formats when it was released in 1981. Today, “Feels So Right” continues to be one of Alabama’s most popular tunes.

5. “Mountain Music”

From: Mountain Music (1982)

Alabama blended Southern rock and bluegrass genres in “Mountain Music” – which various country music writers described as a modern country classic. 

6. “Dixieland Delight”

From: The Closer You Get… (1983)

The ninth out of Alabama’s twenty-one straight No. 1 hit singles, “Dixieland Delight” is about a man driving down the backwoods with one arm on the wheel while the other is wrapped around his girlfriend. He looks forward to a fun and relaxing weekend with her after a long, hard work.

7. “Tennessee River”

From: My Home’s in Alabama (1980)

After releasing a few independent singles and performing in small clubs in Myrtle Beach for many years, Alabama finally had their first No. 1 hit – courtesy of “Tennessee River,” which kicked off a string of consecutive twenty-one No. 1 chart-topping singles. 

8. “High Cotton”

From: Southern Star (1989)

Though “High Cotton” was not written by any of the members of Alabama, the subject of the song was very similar to how Owen and Gentry grew up, who also used to be cotton-pickers.

9. “Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler)”

From: Roll On (1984)

“Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler)” introduced its listeners to an over-the-road truck driver who takes the road tirelessly to provide for his wife and three children.

10. “If You’re Gonna Play in Texas (You Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band)”

From: Roll On (1984)

When Alabama began touring all over the country, they were surprised by the crowd’s reception in Texas clubs. People were not only listening to their songs but were also dancing. The band later learned that it was a great sign in Texas – which basically means they were a hit. So, songwriters Dan Mitchell and Murry Kellum wrote the song especially for Alabama.

11. “40 Hour Week (For a Livin’)”

From: 40-Hour Week (1985)

No one in country music has spoken for America’s blue-collar workers as much as Alabama did. This song is a homage to the average, overworked, and often underpaid Americans.

12. “There’s No Way”

From: 40-Hour Week (1985)

Released as the first single from Alabama’s ninth studio album, “There’s No Way” exemplifies the pop-styled aspect of the band’s core musical style.

13. “Take Me Down”

From: Mountain Music (1982)

“Take Me Down” was first recorded by rock band Exile; however, it failed to become a major hit.  Alabama released the song, and it went straight to the top of country charts. The song also fared modestly on pop radio.

14. “Jukebox in My Mind”

From: Pass It On Down (1990)

Of course, Alabama never forgets to include a more traditional sound in their catalog. As a result, the song topped the charts for four weeks – making it the band’s longest-charting single.

15. “When We Make Love”

From: Roll On (1984)

Alabama definitely knows how to make every female heart flutter with every song they release, and “When We Make Love” definitely qualifies as the most sensual one.

Here Are Some More Alabama Songs That You Need To Know

From a band that made a record-breaking career in the 1980s, we have to expect the best. Here are some more hits from the iconic group that you need to check out.

  • “Why Lady Why”
  • “Old Flame”
  • “Love in the First Degree”
  • “Close Enough to Perfect”
  • (There’s A) Fire in the Night”
  • “Can’t Keep a Good Man Down”
  • “Touch Me When We’re Dancing”
  • “You’ve Got” the Touch”
  • “Face to Face” 
  • “Fallin’ Again”

So, did you enjoy this list of Alabama songs?





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