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Alabama’s “Feels So Right”: First No.1 Album and Fourth No.1 Single


Alabama’s “Feels So Right”: First No.1 Album and Fourth No.1 Single 1

Alabama is undeniably the most successful band in the country music history. They have placed several number one hits and number one albums on the country charts. The band has sold more than seventy-five million records worldwide. Apart from that, the band has received multiple awards from different award-giving bodies as well. Up to these days, their records are being played on the radios and televisions. “Feels So Right” was one of the most prosperous in their career. It became their fourth number one single and first number one album.

Feels So Right: The Single…

Randy Owen wrote the words and lyrics of “Feels So Right.” Alabama recorded and released the single in 1981. It was part of their album of the same name. The song was the band’s fourth number one single on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Also, it was the band’s very first number one single to stay on the charts multiple weeks.

Moreover, Randy Owen gives all his best when writing. He makes sure that his composition would turn out sexy yet intimate. And, “Feels So Right” is the best description of it. It is the kind of music that can warm the hearts of the listeners. The lyrics, imagery and detailed depictions that everyone can relate to.

Feels So Right: The Album…

Alabama’s “Feels So Right”: First No.1 Album and Fourth No.1 Single 2

The album became Alabama’s very first to place at number one on the Billboard Top Country Album charts. It was released in 1981. On the other hand, the album produced three number one singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. To name, these were: “Love in the First Degree,” “Old Flame,” and “Feels So Right.” Above all, Recording Industry Association of America certified the album as quadruple platinum.

A Bit about Alabama…

Alabama’s “Feels So Right”: First No.1 Album and Fourth No.1 Single 3

Randy Owen and Teddy Gentry founded in 1969 under their first band name “Wild Country.” Then, their cousin Jeff Cook joined the band. They changed their name to “Alabama” in 1977. They began touring Southeast bar circuit back in the 1970s. Later on, they started writing their original compositions. After two of their first two successful records, RCA Records approached them to sign a contract.

In the 1980s, the time, the band rose to prominence. It was the time they had more than twenty-seven singles to top the charts, seven multi-platinum albums, and numerous awards.

Alabama’s “Feels So Right”: First No.1 Album and Fourth No.1 Single 4

Alabama’s mixture of Traditional Country Music and Southern Rock patched with elements of gospel, and pop music gave the band a crossover entreaty that helped to their success.

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