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Story Behind Billy Currington’s Hit Song “Let Me Down Easy”

Billy Currington + Let Me Down Easy

In 2010, rising country superstar Billy Currington released yet another hit song, “Let Me Down Easy,” as part of his album Enjoy Yourself. 

Upon its release, “Let Me Down Easy” immediately hit the charts landing at no. 1 on the US Hot Country Songs (Billboard), no. 3 on the Canada Country (Billboard), and no. 46 on the US Billboard Hot 100, marking his sixth number-one hit, making it one of Billy Currington’s greatest hits. 

Meaning Behind the Song

Written by Mark Nesler, Jennifer Hanson, and Marty Dodson, “Let Me Down Easy” is a song that talks about a man who is afraid of falling madly in love with the girl of his dreams as he might get hurt along the way. 

Although he knows for a fact that he can’t live a day without her, the idea that there is a chance that things will not work out as he imagined them made him decide not to risk getting hurt at all. 

Aside from that, this song has quite the story behind it. In an interview, Mark Nesler revealed that during the time he was scheduled to write with Marty Dodson, they were both going through divorces. One day, they got a call from Jennifer Hanson, who happens to be Nesler’s ex-wife, who says that she was canceled, to which the context wasn’t revealed to the public. 

Since Jeniffer was having quite a bad day, she was hoping to join them in their writing session. And as a good ex-husband, Mark allowed Jennifer to come. As they went on with their meeting, Jennifer said, “I heard Billy Currington is cutting, and you guys have both had hits with him. Let’s try to write something for him.” And so they did. 

Three of them, who were at that time very down on love decided to write a song that turns out many listeners can relate to. It seems like they did well, as the song immediately became one of country music’s greatest hits

If you missed out on watching Billy Currington’s powerful performance of “Let Me Down Easy,” worry no more since you can check out the video below.