10 Best Faith Hill Songs


Arden Lambert


April 12, 2021


April 12, 2021


April 12, 2021

A list of A-lister songs in the country music scene wouldn’t be complete without some Faith Hill songs. The music icon has catapulted to phenomenal success thanks to her groundbreaking tunes that fans love throughout the years. Going back to the past, the young Hill debuted in the fall of 1993. She worked her way up into one of the top female vocalists as she presented her music on the crossover market with a country yet pop sheen feel.

Faith Hill has proven why she’s a star that deserves getting recognized even to this day with multiple awards and countless nominations from prestigious music awards. It’s not a walk in the park selling more than 40 million albums worldwide, but with the beautiful blonde singer’s power, she did it single-handedly. And even at the start, she was already a promising young talent who quickly rose to the top.

It’s just about time we recognize and listen to critics’ choice of 10 top Faith Hill songs once again and bring back the good ‘ole classic hits.

10. “Mississippi Girl”

Written specifically for the young star, the song is about taking proud being a Mississippi girl. It paints a clear picture of how Hill wouldn’t change her ways because people recognize her and know her name. Another Mississippi-bred singer John Rich helped create this piece as it has an upbeat tempo that promises that they have not forgotten their roots. This track won the SESAC Country Song of The Year in 2005.

9. “Cry”

Who could ever forget this melancholy song by the famous country star? If you need a good stream of tears, then it’s time to play Faith Hill’s “Cry.” This sad-country ensemble’s music video shows off the songstress soaked in the rain while she reminisces her past experiences. It starts from a happy and carefree childhood to betrayal and bitterness as an adult. Hill stayed at the pulse of country music as she showcased her powerful vocals.

8. “It Matters To Me”

“It Matters To Me” was released in 1995, portraying an unconventional twist on a classic love song. The emotional value of losing a once-solid relationship took a toll on the singer as she sang how when they don’t talk, don’t touch, or don’t feel like they’re in love matters to her. This title track of Hill’s second album paves the way for her to enter the chart competition on Billboards all-genre Hot 100.

7. “There You’ll Be”

Do you want to know some fun facts about this particular Faith Hill song? Well, “There You’ll Be” was actually first offered to Celine Dion. However, following her Titanic soundtrack’s success, Dion did not want to record another romantic ballad for a soundtrack. Thus, it was recorded by Hill. Arguably one of the country songbird’s classic songs, “There You’ll Be,” is a crowd-favorite. It’s part of the movie Pearl Harbor’s soundtrack, which made it more famous than before. Furthermore, it dominated the charts and got a Grammy nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance in 2001.

6. “Someone Else’s Dream”

Faith Hill songs are known to tug at listeners’ heartstrings. Songwriters Trey Bruce and Craig Wiseman wrote this song for a young Faith Hill in 1996. The backstory is about a woman who’s eaten by the restlessness of her life. She started living it on her own terms, which is frowned upon by the adults. Through the lyrics, you can feel that the country singer strongly identifies with the song’s message as she grew up in a prophetically named hometown in Mississippi.

5. “Wild One”

Young women are born to be wild. And that’s what this song wants to prove. Since society began, females are perceived as prim and proper based on” the standard.” However, modern country music, like the “Wild One” track, begs to break free not only on the parental clutches but also in societies. Hill wasn’t the first to record this song, but it certainly helped her become a household name. Will Rambeaux, Pat Bunch, and Jaime Kyle were the first to support this piece come to life.

4. “Stronger”

Undeniably, “Stronger” showcased Hill’s powerful vocal range better than any other song on her fifth studio CD, Cry. It’s visible on her live performance, which makes everybody’s job easier – no pro-tools needed. Moreover, the country icon’s background as a strong gospel singer in her hometown’s church definitely did terrific for her career. She didn’t need to fake her emotions and isn’t afraid to bear her soul in tough times.

3. “The Way You Love Me”

At this point, Faith Hill basically sings any song she wants, and it’ll definitely be a hit. No doubt 1999 was the time Hill’s stardom kept on soaring, especially when she released the hit track “The Way You Love Me.” A total of 102 beats per minute is the tempo that makes it her seventh-best song. Also, she dominates both country and pop charts simultaneously.

2. “Breathe”

In 1999, a famous music video of Faith Hill clad only in a white sheet hit the airwaves. Her hit song “Breathe” accidentally changed the trend on the country music scene. Sensual and sexy love song’s popularity increased exponentially after this tune trended on Billboards Hot 100, which reached No. 2. Nowadays, Faith Hill’s “Breathe” is a favorite on Adult Contemporary radio.

1. “This Kiss”

Last but definitely not least is Hill’s “This Kiss” hit track. Before this upbeat crossover song came into life in 1998, the talented country songstress has already made a name for herself. She has been established as a record-breaker with multiple awards on her belt. So it’s no wonder “Thiss Kiss” also gained attention and love from her fans. The colorful and fantasy-style video bagged a Video of the Year award from the CMA and entered the list of classic country-pop crossover hits.

All in all, the country icon made it to the top quickly than other country music artists of her time. No doubt, the combination of her enigmatic vocals and charming smile penetrated the hearts of many. Click on the videos above and listen to what makes Faith Hill Songs stand out from the rest.


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