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Clint Black’s Song About Feebleness,”Nobody’s Home,” Became A Smash Hit in 1990

Nobody’s Home 

“Killin’ Time” was one of the biggest hit albums of Clint Black’s career. This featured his single “Nobody’s Home” that became the third consecutive song to peak at number one coming from the same album. It also spent 3 weeks at the top of the Billboards Hot Country Single and Tracks. Billboard also named “Nobody’s Home” as the top country song of 1990.

“Nobody’s Home” was the result of the collaboration that Black had with his longtime collaborator Hayden Nichols. This was recorded right after they met. Eventually, these demo tracks gave Black his first deal with RCA and led to the recording of his album “Killin’ Time.”

Clint Black relayed the story behind the conception of “Nobody’s Home.” He was having a fever at that time and could barely get out of bed. He also remembered a time when he once shared a story to his audience about Albert Einstein’s words on how a man gets to only use 20% of his brainpower. It set him thinking, “what about the 80%? “

These ideas eventually boiled down to a theme that described “Nobody’s Home.” Black also said that the song was nearly a reflection of his situation then as the lights were barely on and practically nobody’s home.

Clint Black recently released a new version of the single. This featured a simple arrangement that heavily made the guitar as the dominant instrument. The new modified song arrangement also featured the sound of the bass guitar, drums, and the piano. It was with the help of the lush back-up vocals, pedal steel and other musical arrangements added to the song that made the studio recording sound so smooth. With the blend of these musical elements, it brought back the memories of the success that “Killin’ Time” had achieved and the element that enabled the song “Nobody’s Home” to top the charts.


Life Background

Clinton Patrick Black was the youngest of four children. He was born in Long Branch, New Jersey. Clint Black and his family moved back to where his father was raised in Katy, Texas. Growing up, music was one of the things that were always present in Black’s residence. This nurtured the love Clint has for music.

His talent for music was evident at a very young age. Black learned how to play the harmonica by himself before he reached the age of 13 and he wrote his first song at the age of 14, a year after he learned how to play the guitar. His older brothers Mark, Kevin, and Brian had a small band where Clint played with them. Eventually, Black would drop out of school to play with his brothers and later on led him to become a solo performer.

Music Career

According to his father, Clint Black was drawn into several musical genres before finally choosing to focus on doing country music. Black would later be drawn to country in the late ‘80s after known country singers such as George Strait and Reba McEntire revived the traditional sound of country.

He started his performing career as a solo singer and guitarist that sang in various lounges. For six years, he also worked as a construction worker, bait cutter and as a fishing guide. He managed all these to go well along with his startup career as a performer.

In 1987, Black was able to meet Hayden Nicholas, a guitarist as well, in one of his gigs. Both of them shared a special connection with music that resulted in a songwriting partnership that lasted for decades.

Clint Black’s career in the music industry kicked-off when he signed with RCA and released his first album in 1989. His first album entitled “Killin’ Time” gained a huge success commercially, as it peaked all the way to the top of the Billboards Country Albums, this was the first time in 14 years, since “A Better Man,” that a debut by a male artist topped the charts.

Four of the songs were directly accredited to be Black’s own writing while the remaining songs were collaborations with Nichols. Five of the songs from his debut album also peaked at number one. This allowed Black to claim the County Music Association’s Horizon Award for the best comer in 1989.

Indeed, Clint Black has solidified his career as a country music artist throughout the years.



Clint Black

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