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Clint Black Talks about the Best Use of Time in “Spend My Time”

Clint Black Talks about the Best Use of Time in "Spend My Time" 1

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Time is a scarce resource, hence, should be utilized properly. Also, every single moment that passed can’t be brought back. For this reason, the value of cherishing each moment while it lasts shouldn’t be underestimated. This was what the American country singer Clint Black realized moving him to co-write and record the song “Spend My Time.” Here, the singer of A Better Mandiscussed determining the best use of his time. The song was the end result of plenty of time he spent in evaluating his direction both as a person and a professional. Furthermore, this ballad reiterates how valuable every second is. And, Black is reminding everyone of that.

So I’m gonna spend my time like it’s going out of style
I’m moving the bottom line farther than a country mile
I still have hills to climb before I hit that wall
No matter how much time I buy I could never spend it all

“Spend My Time” received favorable reviews from different music critics. According to Chuck Taylor of Billboard magazine, the song “signals an exciting chapter in Black’s already impressive career.” Additionally, a commentator from People noted that this easygoing track of Black is the exact opposite of his 1989 record Killin’ Time.”

About the Song and its Album

“Spend My Time” was released as the second single and also the title track of Black’s album bearing the same name. It’s one of the many collaborative writing projects of Black with Hayden Nicholas. Produced by Black himself, the song came out on October 20, 1983, under the Equity Music Group. Said label is owned by the singer. The following month that year, the song debuted on the country chart at No. 43. Eventually, it peaked at No. 16 giving Black another Top 20 hit. Meanwhile, “Spend My Time” almost topped the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles settling at No. 2.

Moreover, the song has a music video which Black also directed. The singer, of course, was the leading act on the music video. Mainly, the clip shows Black being on the road with his tour bus. It likewise features the singer performing in concert.

The album Spend My Time was Clint Black’s first-ever self-released record since his departure from RCA Nashville. It took him more than four years before completing the album. According to the singer, he had quite a difficulty in selecting the best songs to include on the album. That’s after ending up with a plenty of materials in his hand. Accordingly, he came up with 12 songs included on the album which dropped in 2004. The record reached No. 3 on Billboard Top Country Albums chart while topping the magazine’s Independent Albums list. Furthermore, it ranked 27 on Billboard 200.

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