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August 17, 2020


August 17, 2020


August 17, 2020

Clint Black and wife, Lisa Hartman, melted hearts across the state with their duet “You Still Get To Me.” 

“You can put on anything, pretty dress or old blue jeans, and you still get to me,” Black sang to his wife. “First time I saw you honey, you lit a flame, I started meltin’, and I still feel the same,” Hartman answered.

“Love’s still feelin’ new I still look at you that way… It’s gettin’ stronger every day,” the love birds singing in unison. It is their first duet together in over fourteen years. Hartman had recorded two other songs alongside Black, “When I Said I do” and “Easy For Me to Say.”

“You Still Get To Me” was released in 2015 off Black’s studio album, On Purpose, which was a labor of love for the artist. Black wrote or co-wrote every track, helped produce and mix the songs, and played everything from slide guitar to harmonica. It’s the lauded musician’s first LP of new tunes in a decade. 

A Three-Decade Love Story That Gave Birth to Breathtaking Duets

Clint Black and Lisa Hartman got married in 1991. Black, who was once among the most eligible bachelors in Music City, said that he would never marry because he was having too much fun being single. However, one fateful New Year’s Eve, actress Lisa Hartman and her mother attended a Clint Black concert.

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The couple revealed their story to PEOPLE in 1992, just a few months after they married at Clint’s Houston-area ranch. “I didn’t know who she was,” Black recalled first seeing Hartman backstage at his concert. “But when I saw her standing there with those beautiful blue eyes, I knew I wanted to see her again.”

The couple squeezed in dates in between their busy schedules, and the rest was history.

When asked by Billboard magazine what it is about his wife that charms him on a musical level, Clint Black said when:

“Her voice does something to me because I love her. I hear the person behind the voice, as well as the voice. I try to get her to sing with me around the house. That does it for me. I know who she is, and if you hear a singer you don’t know or don’t particularly care for, it may be something you have to come by. But, for me, it’s an instinct. As soon as she starts to sing, it just makes me feel good.”

Watch the fairytale-like performance of Clint Black and Lisa Hartman below and get ready to fall in love with love again.


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