October 30, 2019

Listen to Loretta Lynn’s Folksy Tune “Everything It Takes”

Loretta Lynn has always championed women’s rights and equality through her song. This time, she takes on a different perspective; one that talks about marital affairs and the involvement of a third party. She wrote the song herself and you would be amazed at how fast she finished it.

Behind Loretta Lynn’s Song “Everything it Takes”

The song “Everything It Takes” is under Loretta’s 2016 album Full Circle. It is a collection of songs that the country legend had performed in the past with some original compositions such as this one. She is accompanied by a longtime friend, Elvis Costello, who served as a back-up vocal at the chorus of the song.

loretta lynn, everything it takes
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Loretta Lynn shared her experience while writing the song:

“Sometimes I can write a song real fast, and sometimes it’ll take me two, three days,” she told Rolling Stone. “And I get so aggravated that I’ll probably lay it down and go back to it later. But that song came easy. I’ll come up with the title first and, when I come up with the title, I always know I got a good title.”

Lyrics Breakdown

She’s cold as ice
But you still think she’s hot

This Loretta Lynn track tells the story of a woman warning his man. There are a lot of opportunists out there who would snake their way into someone’s relationship. Sometimes, we need to warn those people that we love because they have the tendency to be fooled because of love. This song specifically talks about what it is like for a woman trying to warn her lover about his mistress.

She knows that the mistress does not love him as much as she loves him. She knows that the mistress holds the power and she can use it to take everything away from him and away from them.

Listen to Loretta Lynn’s song here:


Loretta Lynn

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