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Linda Ronstadt’s Hit Version of “You’re No Good”


Linda Ronstadt is one of the few artists who broke the boundaries of music. She was known to perform country songs, rock and roll, light opera, and even Latin music. There were tons of songs she has covered in her career that hit the charts, like her rendition of “You’re No Good.

you're no good, linda ronstadt
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Linda Ronstadt’s Version of “You’re No Good”

The song was originally written by a guy and was usually performed by a guy. Linda’s rendition is a refreshing take on the song and it gives a different perspective. The track had been around for a while before the country star recorded her version. It first came out back in 1963 and was then recorded by Linda in 1974. It was part of her album Heart Like a Wheel and it became the biggest hit in the said album.

On her performance, Linda Ronstadt showed her vocal prowess through the song. The country star used to be a gospel singer and this is where she developed her approach in singing. Her album and this track, in particular, was what made Linda a breakout artist in the ’70s.

you're no good, linda ronstadt
via YouTube

Lyrics Breakdown

I’m telling you now baby and I’m going my way
Forget about you baby ’cause I’m leaving to stay

The track is bashful to the person who is known for only giving troubles. In life, it is inevitable to meet someone who will only give us problems. The question would be, how can we handle this kind of person? Like the song would suggest, it is better to leave them and find someone better.

Realizing that someone is not good for us would be the best thing we could do for ourselves. Staying with someone who is only giving us problems would make things harder. Realizing that we should prioritize our selves is one of the paths that will lead to our happiness.

Listen to Linda Ronstadt’s version of the song here:


Linda Ronstadt, you're no good

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