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Eleven Entertaining Sam Hunt Facts You Won’t Regret Knowing 

Born on December 8, 1984, in Cedartown, Georgia, Sam Hunt grew up to become one of country music’s most prominent artists. Of course, there is a long list of facts on how Sam Hunt became a dominant force in the Country Music industry, but it all boils down to his uniquely versatile style. It is why the 37-year-old artist rapidly gained recognition both in the inner and outer workings of the country music scene.

Sam Hunt is the first country music artist to have all his singles from his debut album peak at the Billboard Hot 100 Chart’s top 40 spots. The man also receives credit for writing hit singles for other prominent country music artists such as Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, and Reba McEntire. 

Aside from Sam’s impressive career as a musician, he is also an interesting person. Below, you’ll see a collection of fun and less-known Sam Hunt facts. 

1. He Grew Up in a Family of Five

His father, Allen, worked as an insurance agent, while his mother, Joan, was a teacher. Sam had two younger brothers named Ben and Van. 

2. “Montevallo” Got Named After a Special Town for Sam 

Sam named his full-length debut album “Montevallo,” and it’s the name of a small town in Alabama that he always visits. It’s the hometown of Hannah Lee Fowler, his wife, who also inspired the majority of the songs for his record. 

3. He Graduated With a Business Degree

Sam Hunt attended the University of Alabama-Birmingham. He graduated with a business degree in economics and majored in philosophy during his university days. 

4. Sam had His First Live Performance When He Was 21

Sam Hunt is an artist that always looks comfortable up on the stage. At the age of 21, Sam had his first live performance. It was in a small bar in Birmingham, Alabama, called the Innisfree. 

5. The First Song He Wrote Was About His Grandfather’s Hobby

Sam’s first song ever written was called “Muscadine Wine.” His grandfather’s hobby was creating specific kinds of wine, and that was where Sam drew the inspiration for the song. He was 18 years old when he gave songwriting a try for the first time. 

6. Sam Didn’t Attend Concerts Until He Was 20 

One of the more surprising less-known Sam Hunt facts is that he attended his first concert at age 20. The band he went to see live was Drivin’ N’ Cryin’, a hard-rocking band with Southern roots. 

7. The Song “Cop Car” is Based on a True Story 

Sam co-wrote a song for Keith Urban called “Cop Car.” It draws inspiration from a true story in Sam’s life. It’s about him and Hannah sneaking into a small airport. Although they did get caught by the police, they never actually arrested the couple for it. 

8. He Once Received a Horse for Christmas 

Sam, during his youth, received a mustang horse as a Christmas gift. He named it “Comanche” and rode it a lot during those times. 

9. He Tried to Pursue a Career in Professional Football 

Sam tried out for the National Football League in 2008 with the Kansas City Chiefs. It was after he graduated from the University of Alabama-Birmingham in 2007. Two months after his failed attempt to dazzle the NFL team, he moved to Nashville to pursue a career in music and deliver us the Sam Hunt songs we’ve grown to love. 

10. Sam Named His Original Tour Van 

Before the now-famous Sam Hunt bus, the country music star started like any other aspiring musician, and that’s in a tour van. Hunt said, in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” in 2014, that the name of his original tour van was Denzel. 

11. The Singer’s Favorite Nashville Bar is a Taco Joint

Hunt revealed on his 2014 Reddit “Ask Me Anything” that a taco joint called “Local Taco” is his favorite bar in Nashville. However, the joint has four locations: One in Brentwood, one in Bowling Green, another in East Nashville, and one in Huntsville. So, if you want to meet the famous singer, you’ll need to figure out which of those locations he often visits. 

There is no doubt that Sam Hunt is one of the best country singers/songwriters we have today. His songs are always a joy to listen to and even more entertaining if you watch his live performances. Hopefully, you got to learn a thing or two about the less-known Sam Hunt facts we collected and shared here. Now it’s your turn to share them with other Sam Hunt fans.


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