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15 Sam Hunt Songs You Need To Hear Right Now

Did you know that Sam Hunt songs would not have seen the light if he had pursued his first dream? 

A native of Cedartown, Georgia, Hunt actually has no plan to sing for a living. Instead, he focused his time excelling at sports, especially with football. 

His time as a high-school quarterback was much-admired that upon graduation, he enrolled at Middle Tennessee State University. However, when his tryout five years later did not go anywhere, he closed that chapter of his life and headed to Nashville, where he dreamt of a new dream.

With the sturdy softness of his voice, Hunt has fused country with modern R&B – positively changing the sound of the country mainstream and marking an evolution from the rowdy bro-country that had earlier defined the 2010s.

Here are our favorite tracks from the one and only Sam Hunt.

1. “Take Your Time”

From: Montevallo (2014)

Written by Hunt, Josh Osborne, and Shane McAnally, “Take Your Time” tells the tale of a man trying to woo the woman he likes. He does not want to move fast and come on strong; he wants her to take her time.

The song quickly became a hit, conquering the top spot of Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart and Billboard Country Airplay. It also peaked at No. 20 on Billboard Hot 100. 

2. “Body Like a Back Road”

From: Southside (2017)

This fun, catchy song is Hunt’s most successful track to date. “Body Like a Back Road” spent over thirty weeks atop the Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart breaking the record for the longest-running No. 1 run after reaching twenty-five consecutive weeks.

According to the singer, the “lighthearted song” was written after his engagement to then-girlfriend, now Sam Hunt’s wife, Hannah Lee Fowler. He further revealed that they spent countless hours of writing and rewriting to perfect the song. In fact, he jokingly disclosed that he and his co-writers wrote sixteen different verses before they finally settled on the final two. And we can say it’s well worth it.

3. “Break Up In a Small Town”

From: Montevallo (2014)

While trying to develop song ideas late one night, Hunt thought about a “Break Up In a Small Town” concept. However, he had made up his mind that he would no longer write any break-up songs.

Still, Hunt found himself humming to a new melody while riding around, and it just fit too perfectly. When he took this idea to Montevallo co-producers – Zach Crowell and Shane McAnally – and played it for them on his acoustic guitar, McAnally remembered feeling “like God had just dropped a pot of gold in my lap.”

4. “Saturday Night”

From: Between the Pines (2013)

Hunt’s “Saturday Night” has become a live staple that allows him to show off his lightning-quick lyrical skills.

5. “Leave The Night On”

From: Montevallo (2014)

Believe it or not, this song is a result of a fortunate accident. Hunt recalled when someone sent him a song called “Leave the Light On,” but when he read the email the first time, he thought it said, “Leave the Night On” – which he found to be a great title he wished he had written.

However, when he looked closely, he realized what it said. So he went on writing the song that turned out to be the first of his many No. 1 one singles on the country chart and definitely one of Sam Hunt’s greatest hits.

6. “House Party”

From: Montevallo (2014)

This straight-up jam came just right in time when Hunt really began excelling as a live act. So, it was no surprise when it quickly became a double-platinum chart-topper.

7. “Goodbye”

From: Between the Pines (2013)

This powerful track features Hunt’s more masterful guitar presentations that are often outshined by those commanding vocals.

8. “Ex To See”

From: Montevallo (2014)

It’s pretty amazing how Hunt delivered the playful but cheeky lyric in a charming yet unapologetic way.

9. “Come Over”

From: Between the Pines (2013)

Even though it was Kenny Chesney who made this song popular in 2012, Hunt was actually one of the writers who brought magic onto this track. Still, “Come Over” can give you all the feels the first time you’ll listen to it, no matter who’s singing it.

10. “Speakers”

From: Montevallo (2014)

In addition to his sensual singing and the song’s racy lyrics, this particular track stands out for letting Hunt do his signature rap-singing at the same time showing off his soft, flawless vocals.

11. “Vandalizer”

From: Between the Pines (2013)

With the airy guitar and Hunt’s sweet voice, “Vandalizer” is a little more hopelessly romantic than most of his songs. Even the way he made the phrase “you look like a little hoodlum” sound charming is impressive enough.

12. “Breaking Up Was Easy in the 90s”

From: Southside (2020)

The penultimate track on Hunt’s latest album features a lighthearted sound combined with lyrics that blame social media for his break-up woes, which a lot could definitely relate to.

13. “Hard to Forget”

From: Southside (2020)

With its vintage vibe and catchy chorus, “Hard to Forget” is the perfect song to play while relaxing in the backyard after a long day.

14. “Raised on It”

From: Montevallo (2014)

Originally released independently, “Raised on It” was later included on Hunt’s debut studio album, and it received favorable reviews from various music critics.

15. “Kinfolks”

From: Southside (2017)

Sam Hunt plays a man smitten in “Kinfolks, a song that centers around the classic theme of bringing someone new back home, but with a very modern twist by giving her a tour of his past.

Born and raised in a small town, Hunt explained that the phrase “kinfolks” doesn’t just bring out his family’s images, but it also made him think about hometown friends he’s still close to. 

More Sam Hunt Songs That Marked A Generational Shift In Country Music

  • “Raised on It”
  • “Vacation”
  • “Downtown’s Dead”
  • “Make You Miss Me”
  • “2016”
  • “Cop Car”
  • “Nothing Lasts Forever”
  • “That Ain’t Beautiful”
  • “Let It Down”
  • “Drinkin’ Too Much”
  • “I Met a Girl”

Indeed, with his savviness, the singer-songwriter has marked the beginning of a new generation. 

While waiting for Sam Hunt’s new song to be released, the good news was recently announced that the Sam Hunt tour with Maren Morris would kick off this June through September. We’re absolutely excited to see what’s more in store for this talented singer.


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