September 5

Are We Really Alone in this World?

We have all the things we need; the friends we hang out with, and the family we love. But why is it that when we go home we feel like we are all alone? Why do we feel that there is truly no one out there who cares for us? Are we truly alone in this world to face our problems, to walk this world, and to meet death in the eye?

Are we really alone? God alone
Are we really alone in this world? Photo via medium.com

Are We Really Alone in this World?

We all want someone to care for us. We want someone who can listen to us talk about our problems, our deepest fear, and our life in general; but every one of us is busy looking for someone to do that. Since we can’t find one, we end up being alone; but the truth is we are never alone. There is someone out there who’s watching over us. He quietly listens to our prayers and answers them according to His will. God is there, in the midst of the dark vast universe, making sure that we are not alone.

But, how can we prove that God is there for us? How can we find evidence that we are not alone?

Proof that We have God

The Bible has mentioned that God offers to help His people a lot of times. He even tells His disciples that we don’t have to fear anything in life because He is always with us. Remember when the Israelites were lost in the desert wandering? The truth is they were never lost, God was with them. They were never alone. He fought the battle with them to claim their land. He provided for them. Just like the Israelites, we are God’s children and He has never left our side.

Here are some verses in the Bible that mention God is there for us.

“Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying This is the way; walk in it.”-Isiah 30:21

“Be strong. Be brave. Be fearless. You are never alone.” –Joshua 1:9

Whenever you feel unloved, unimportant, or insecure, remember to whom you belong.” –Ephesian 2:19-22

Reflect on these beautiful words and when you feel that you are alone, remember God is always here for us.


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