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July 30, 2019


July 30, 2019


July 30, 2019

When we pray, do we always ask something? Like a house, a car or money to get by? Do we ask Him to give something to us? Do we question Him if a part of our life falls down? When we say, “Please Lord, help me”, is it same as saying “Precious Lord, take my hand”? The first statement is asking, the latter is more of entrusting everything to the Lord.

So when we pray, we need not always ask. A prayer can also be simply talking to Him about anything.

Lead me Home, Always

He is our home. He is our hiding place. In the hymn it says,

“When my life is almost gone, hear my cry, hear my call

When the darkness appears and the night draws near and the day is past and gone
Through the storm, through the night, lead me on to the light
Take my hand precious Lord, lead me home.”

Someone once told me, “You should always have instances in your everyday life that pushes you to need the Lord.

He must have been talking about problems, trials or obstacles. That said, he pointed out that faith comes from any of those. I pondered on his words and harked back to the times when I called upon Him. And yes, I talk to Him all the time. I greet Him and ask Him to guide me through the day, when I wake up. I dress for work and I ask Him to appear presentable to every person I’ll meet along the way. When I cross the streets, I ask Him to guide me. Whenever I start a new article, I ask Him to take the pen for me. Before I cook food, I talk to Him and say I know He’ll bless my hand to make the best food. And when I lie at night after a tiring day, I thank Him for the gift of tomorrow.

This song is a cry and a tender reminder that we can’t do this life on our own.

We are not placed in this earth to do it alone. We need God’s arms in everything we do. He made us in His image, and like any other creators of products, He wants us to be whole. He wants us to feel loved and maintained in His expertise.

Listen to hank Williams Sr.’s sincere verse of “Precious Lord, Take My Hand”.



Hank Williams Sr.



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