July 12

Let us Celebrate Linda Ronstadt’s 73rd Birthday with Her song “When Will I be Loved?”

This multi-awarded singer, Linda Ronstadt, will celebrate her 73rd birthday this year. Looking back, Linda is one of the few artists who broke the boundaries of music. She was known to perform country songs, rock and roll, light opera, and even Latin music.

Linda Ronstadt wasn’t all about singing. She also tried acting in movies and even Broadway. Though it was short-lived, the singer proved that she was an all-around artist.

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Photo credit: Linda Ronstadt/Official Facebook Page

Linda Ronstadt’s Hit “When Will I Be Loved?”

The singer’s heartbreaking single “When Will I Be Loved?” became one of her recognizable songs. Although she did not write it, the singer felt the significance of the track and she sang it well. The desperation is heard from the song and it almost sounds like a cry for help. It is a song for people who have been hurt over and over again. For sure, a lot of her fans felt the sadness from the song because we all have been hurt one way or the other.

The song ended without knowing if the person got over his/her loved one. Until the end, the person is left with no one and the question is still there, when will I be loved again?

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What is Next for Linda Ronstadt?

Back in 2009, the singer was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. She officially retired as a singer and performer back in 2011 due to her condition. What happened to the singer, was very unfortunate but this gave her the opportunity to take a long break from her busy schedule.

In an interview, Linda Ronstadt shared what it feels like to live with Parkinson’s disease:

“When you’ve been able to do certain things all your life, like put your shoes on and brush your teeth or whatever, you – when you can’t do that, you sort of go, ‘What’s this? You know, what’s happening here? Come help me with this. And then you have to learn to ask people to help, and that – that took a little doing. But I do that now because I need the help.”


Linda Ronstadt

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