December 19

Dean Brody Showcases The Irresistible, Lovable Trouble Though “Canadian Girls” 

Canadian country music artist Dean Brody is one of the genre’s most popular songwriters, and since his debut in 2008, he has racked up numerous hits – including “Canadian Girls.”

According to Brody, his family wasn’t very musical. However, the one constant thing in their household was the radio; he grew up listening to music through it. Country wasn’t even a genre he initially liked, but when it hit him, it resonated with him. Soon after, he was singing country songs at karaoke night, and then, with the encouragement of family and friends, he started writing his own songs. 

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His style is classic, straight-shooting, and it took years for him to refine his craft. But it eventually took off, and he was collecting hits and awards. The first was “Canadian Girls,” his first single from his third studio album Dirt, which Matt Rovery produced under Open Road

The song made it to the Top 40 of the Canadian Hot 100 and was certified as his first official gold digital single. It even snatched the top-ranking position at one point on Billboard Canada’s Country chart. 

Meaning Behind The Song

Dean Brody noted that his writing style is straightforward – no twists and turns. And so, “Canadian Girls” is exactly what you’d expect from the title: a song about real-life Canadian girls.

According to the singer, these girls are soft and sexy and then at the same time tough and troublesome. 

They watch hockey with their daddies on Saturday nights, snowboard in the winter, and spend summers on a boat. They like snow storms, know how to fight (thanks to their brothers), and they would give their lives for the red and white. At the same time, they wear high heels and drink coffee brewed from an old wood stove. They like the legendary troubadour Gordon Lightfoot. They won’t admit it, but they definitely watch the Canadian teen drama series Degrassi

Canadian boys may like foreign ladies because their accents are really nice, but they still can’t compare to their northern girls, who keep them warm at night. They will still come home to them. 

Listen to Dean Brody’s “Canadian Girls” in the video below. You will not regret it. Trust us. 


Dean Brody

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