October 23

Hang Out with Derek Ryan because finally “It’s Friday”

C’mon let’s admit it. Everybody loves Fridays; it’s one of the days when you can go out and party. Also, it’s the time where bars and pubs are full. It’s like rewarding yourself for a hard day’s work. Further, Derek Ryan somewhat describes what he loves to do on Fridays. To begin with, he describes it in a song when he covered “It’s Friday.” Let’s check out how it goes, and maybe it will be our favorite song to describe how our Friday vibe is.

“Irish Guy”

Derek Ryan is an Irish singer and was born in County Carlow, Ireland. Even though he is Irish, his heart belongs to country music. In addition, he was a part of D-Side, a boy band who sings pop music. At a certain point, he then realized that country is better that’s why he crossed over. One more thing that we need to know about him is that he is not only an artist, but he is also a producer. This awesome dude wants to build an empire with his production house and label, “Ryan Records.”

We had a brilliant production meeting with Derek Ryan Music this evening. We can’t tell you all that we discussed but we…

Posted by Farmers Bash on Friday, August 10, 2018

At an early age, Derek Ryan’s fascination with music was noticeable, and he regularly performs on social events. He even performs side by side with his brother Adrian and was regarded as the Ryan Brothers. Irish traditional music had a significant influence on his career and in his genre of music. Anyhow, his music was loved by the masses because he was embraced by the public. Afterward, this rising star learned how to produce good music.

“Favorite Day”

“It’s Friday” was covered by Derek Ryan and it is tagged as one of his popular songs. Well, the title itself shows what his favorite day is. Further, the song was originally from Dean Brody, a Canadian country singer.  He released the song “It’s Friday” in 2012 and was included in his third album “Dirt.” Upon its release, it became a massive hit, and it landed on No. 60 in the Canadian Hot 100.

Apparently, Derek Ryan was the only artist who covered the song, sprinkling it with his style. Hence, the song was a cover; it seems that it is fresh from the pot. On the music video, we can see that Ryan and the other extras are having fun, enjoying Friday night. Thus, his musicality to recreate a song is a genius step towards his road to success.


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