July 3, 2019

Patten and Goff: Military Duo Singing a Patriotic Song

Music brings people together. No matter where you are from, who you are, or what your background may be, music is a common ground. This is also what brought two soldiers together, Patten and Goff. In 2014, Lucien Patten and Lane Goff’s “Proud of Who I Am” went viral, and they didn’t anticipate this to happen.

patten and goff proud of who i am soldiers
Patten and Goff, the singing soldiers. Photo via military.id.me

Patten and Goff Becoming Friends

Patten and Goff didn’t know each other. They were individually training to become Black Hawk mechanics at Fort Eustis in Virginia. Little did they know that their paths would cross. Patten used to perform in a rock band before he joined the military, while Goff was active in his church. They became friends when Patten asked Goff about his love of music. Since then, they hang out together singing and making music. They also perform songs with their buddies in the military and because of their talent, their friends encouraged them to do more of their music.

“Proud of Who I Am”

They sat down together and came up with the patriotic song “Proud of Who I Am.” The words to the song speak strongly of the life of a soldier. It elaborates on how complicated it is to be one because you have to give your life for your country. Freedom is not free as the song says, there’s always a price to pay before you can have it. But, even if life has to be at stake, our soldiers are proud of who they are, and wholeheartedly willing to set us free.

The price of freedom son it doesn’t come free
I guess that’s why the good lord chose me

When one of their friends posted their video on Facebook, it immediately went viral. A lot of people took the song to heart and appreciated the soldiers’ talent. How can we not notice them, they’re amazing! The duo’s bluesy/ country style of guitar playing incorporated with Goff’s vocals is pure perfection.

Check out these two soldiers honoring their kind.

“Stars and Stripes” is another original single from the duo.


Patten and Goff

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