February 12, 2018

Clint Black and Wife Renews Their Love in “When I Said I Do”

Clint Black and Wife Renews Their Love in “When I Said I Do” 1

It’s the month of love again folks! It’s that time when many couples do lots of stuff to celebrate and rekindle their love for each other. Flowers, chocolates, Valentine cards, and the like flocked in most department stores and gift shops during this season. Also, numerous love songs are filling the air adding further to the romantic vibe of the environment. Speaking of love songs, here’s a moving tune performed by country music couple Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black.

As the title suggests, “When I Said I Do” narrates their vow to stay together until the end of their lives. Partners who are head over heels with each other can easily relate to this song.

Story Behind the Song

Clint Black’s recording company asked him to do an unplugged record. Such kind of project didn’t appeal to him anymore given that most of his fellow artists in the music industry have done it already. However, he thought of a way to make it interesting to him. In the end, he decided to do something that sounds electric and contemporary instead of an unplugged one. Hence, his album’s entitled D’Lectrified. To ensure the success of this album, the first he has produced ever, the singer-songwriter asked the help of several artists who influenced his music career to be involved in the recording. Among them are Marty Stuart, Kenny Loggins, Steve Wariner, Edgar Winter, Waylon Jennings, Marshall Tucker Band, Matt Rollings, Toy Caldwell, Eric Idle, Leon Russell, Hayden Nicholas and Bruce Hornsby. When the recording is almost finished, Black realizes that the greatest influence in his life – his wife Lisa, was not included in the project. He then thought of writing a song for them both.

Black would normally hang out in the kitchen working on the song as his wife cooks for them. She usually sings or hums with him but little did she know that he’s writing a song for them to sing and record together later. When he finally revealed his plan, his wife disagreed right away. However, Black tried his best to convince her saying no one will ever sing that part except her. He even asked her how she would feel if she heard the song later, and like it, but she’s not on it. And It worked! She agreed four days before the album’s submission. The song was recorded and submitted to the company without anyone knowing whose voice was on it with Black. Everyone tried guessing with the names of famous female artists in country music but Lisa’s name was never mentioned.

The Couple’s Extraordinary Performance of the Song

When Black told Lisa they’ll be filming together again for the song’s music video, the latter was even more hesitant. Having retired from the limelight for many years already, Lisa lacked the confidence to perform in front of the camera again. Her ever supportive husband was not losing hope though. He did all the convincing techniques to win her approval. He succeeded, by the way, and they did the music video. Directed by Black,  himself, which was done in a bowl giving it an amphitheater feel. It was only then that everyone finds out it’s Black’s wife singing with him. The couple performed the song live at The Tonight Show and at the commencement of Black’s Dallas tour. That’s after another episode of Lisa’s hesitation to do it on stage. Cheered by 20,000 people, Lisa felt relaxed and welcomed.  She then realized that they wanted her there. At that instance, Lisa gained back her confidence. They sang the tune together and had the best moment of their lives.

The Song’s Success

Given the favorable reception of the song by the audience, the track reached No.1 both on US Hot Country Songs and on Canada Country Tracks (RPM) charts. The song also became a crossover hit peaking at No. 31 on Billboard Hot 100. Additionally, it received a Grammy nomination and an Academy of Country Music Award for Vocal Event of the Year in 1999. Black shared that he received many nice letters relative to his song and was told every now and then that his original work was being played at wedding events. After a while, another couple Chante Moore and Kenny Lattimore did an old-style R&B version of the song and Black said that he loved it.

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