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Riley Johnson


March 18, 2024


March 18, 2024


March 18, 2024

Country singer Billy Currington arrived on the country music scene in the early 2000s, and he has done them all – from laid-back tracks and good-time country anthems down to passionate ballads and traditional country songs. That’s why he has material to serve as inspiration for any moment in life. 

And so, in honor of his versatile catalog, we picked 10 of our favorites (which are also some of Billy Currington’s top hits) that we’re sure would turn you into a fan like us! So, grab a cold beer and put on your cowboy hats. Here we go. 

1. “Walk A Little Straighter”

From Billy Currington (2003)

Billy Currington penned his debut single with Casey Beathard and Carson Chamberlain. “Walk a Little Straighter,” which was a narration of his life with his alcoholic stepfather, definitely left a huge impression on genre fans, giving him instant distinction and an invitation to appear on the Grand Ole Opry. 

But the most impressive part about this track was that he had the famous line when he was just 12. He shared, “One day me, my brother, and a couple of sisters were outside, and he walked toward us and almost fell. It was a little embarrassing. I’m just thinking, ‘Walk a little straighter.’”

2. “I Got a Feelin’”

From Billy Currington (2004)

This song, also written by Beathard and Chamberlain, had a laidback, traditional groove that was perfectly and neatly laid on by Currington’s soulful vocals. It’s that kind of song you play if you’re looking for a really good, traditional country love song.  

It earned a Top 5 position on the Hot Country Songs chart and nabbed a spot on the Hot 100. 

3. “Must Be Doin’ Somethin’ Right”

From Doin’ Somethin’ Right (2005)

Here’s another love ballad – and a steamy one at that. Penned by Marty Dodson and Patrick Jason Matthews, this earned Currington his first number-one hit on the charts. It was a slow ascent to the top but ultimately found its way. 

“Must be Doin’ Somethin’ Right” talks about how he must be doing something right in his relationship to earn a love like hers. 

4. “Good Directions”

From Doin’ Somethin’ Right (2006)

“Good Directions” was actually meant initially for country singer Luke Bryan, who co-wrote the song with Rachel Thibodeau. But it ultimately ended up on Currington’s lap, and he didn’t waste the material. He made a hit out of it. This was his second chart-topper, and it also reached the pop chart and was certified platinum two years after its release. 

And it was easy to see why people loved it. First, it was a song about finding new love. Second, the storytelling transported people right into that spot. Last but definitely not least: Miss Bell’s sweet tea and the man’s green turnips. 

5. “That’s How Country Boys Roll”

From Little Bit of Everything (2009)

This swaggy, feel-good working-class anthem of grinding 40 hours for five days and letting loose after a long work week was co-written by Currington with Dallas Davidson and Brett Jones. And this was one of his early career number-ones – both in the Hot Country chart and Country Airplay chart.

The lyrics hit Bull’s eye, which made it so relatable, and while it was a common theme in the genre, he stood out with the staggered rhythm guitar sounds (drenched all over) and effortlessly easy vocal delivery. 

6. “People Are Crazy”

From Little Bit of Everything (2009)

“God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy.” If asked what Currington’s most iconic line in his catalog would be, this would be it. 

This song, written by Hunter Montgomery, Bobby Braddock, and Troy Jones, was about an old, divorced war veteran who gave all his fortune to a guy from the bar he only talked to once and barely knew after his death. The song ended with the guy leaving the old man a six-pack on his grave, repeating the iconic line. 

“People Are Crazy” earned Currington not only a number one but also one ACM and two Grammy nominations. 

7. “Pretty Good At Drinkin’ Beer”

From Enjoy Yourself (2010)

Currington’s definitely on a roll as he delivered yet another top-hit single. Penned by Troy Jones, this track also reached a spot shy of the Hot 100’s Top 40 in the US and earned Platinum status (with a million copies sold). 

The track showcased a laid-back groove that drove many of his hit songs while talking about the only thing he was good at, which was drinking beer. And his signature feel-good charm combined with a deceptively powerful delivery made for a really fun song to put on to party as you head into a work-free night or weekend. Hopefully, it really is work-free. 

8. “Let Me Down Easy”

From Enjoy Yourself (2010)

This one’s another chart-topper from his 2010 album. But unlike the upbeat tune “Pretty Good At Drinkin’ Beer,” this is a slower-paced, smoother-sounding song. Written by the husband-and-wife tandem Mark Nesler and Jennifer Hanson, along with acclaimed songwriter Marty Dodson, and co-produced by Currington himself with Chamberlain, “Let Me Down Easy” is about a heart that takes a risk after getting hurt. 

Aside from the heart-pinching lyrics, it was the song’s execution that truly made it irresistible. That is, they started with a loping, acoustic-based verse (an acoustic guitar blended with details of organ and pedal steel) and then built it up for the big chorus, highlighting the singer’s strong control and versatile range. 

9. “Don’t It”

From Summer Forever (2014)

Written by Ross Copperman, Ashley Gorley, and Cadillac 3 frontman Jaren Johnston, this upbeat tempo love song hit it big on the charts. It peaked at number four on the Hot Country Songs, reached the Top 50 on the Hot 100, and earned him a number one hit on the Country Airplay. 

And this was an easy pick for three things: the lyrics are catchy, the vibe is fun (way too fun, to be honest), and the sound was reminiscent of the rootsy, country-soul that the singer has owned since 2003. So, as Currington sang, “So baby, let’s get on it.”

10. “Do I Make You Wanna”

From Summer Forever (2016)

Following two number-one hits from the album – “Don’t It” and “It Don’t Hurt Like It Used To” – was another chart-topper. Currington wasn’t shy about collecting back-to-back hits, and at the time, he was one of only six artists, namely Lyke Bryan, Keith Urban, Dierks Bentley, Jason Aldean, and Blake Shelton, to land that achievement in the past four years. 

The song was written by Ashley Gorley, Zach Crowell, Matt Jenkins, and Jerry Flowers, and it was about a man tenderly asking for reassurance that he was the one for her. Sweet, right?

That’s a wrap on our favorite Billy Currington songs! You won’t regret adding these to your playlist. Trust us. 


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