July 11

“Above All” Trials, It is You Lord Who Keeps Us Strong

“Above All,” it is the Lord who loves us unconditionally. Not all people have a huge heart to still accept us after all the sins we have committed. Maybe some of them will still accept us, but they will never forget the burden we brought onto them. Above all sins we have committed, God still accepts and loves wholeheartedly.

However, do we deserve all the blessings that God sends us? In some situations, if our friend gave us something, we give something in return. But in here, what can we give in return? For me, the best thing I can give back is to worship Him and share all the blessings He gave us. Have you heard the song “Above All” performed by Randy Travis? If not, let me introduce it to you instead.

“Above All”

It is a gospel song recorded by Randy Travis. American record producer Kyle Lehning produced this song under Word Records. It was released in November 2003 as the fifteenth single from his gospel album, Worship & Faith. This album has twenty gospel songs.

Above All, Randy Travis
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Upon its release, “Above All” ranked number four on the U.S. Billboard Top Christian Album chart, ranked number 9 on the U.S. Billboard Top Country Album chart, and ranked 90 in the U.S. Billboard Hot 200 most played songs.

About the Song

Above All, Randy Travis
Via thelordswatchman.com
As I listen to every lyric of the song, it shows that above all kingdoms, thrones, wonders, and wealth is God. We cannot achieve all of those without the help of God. As a follower of God I believe that without Him, we are basically nothing. No shelter to live in, no family to love, and no food to eat. Thus, these are living proofs that God is the most powerful person alive.

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Randy Travis

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