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“Speak to a Girl:” McGraw and Hills’ Reminder to Always Treat Females Right

“Speak to a Girl”

Speak to a Girl,Tim McGraw, Faith Hill
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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill recorded this love song and released it on March 2017 as a single from their album, The Rest of Our Life. Upon its release, the song sold thousands of copies and entered into the country chart.

The Rest of Our Life is the first collaborative album of the lovely couple. It was released under the Arista Nashville label. This album became McGraw’s 15th studio album and Hills’s 17th album released. Moreover, this album had reached number 2 on the Billboard Top 200 and number one on the Top Country Albums chart.

About the Song

Speak to a Girl, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill,
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“Speak to a Girl” has a harmonious sound and great lyrics. It delivers lessons on how to treat females right. Hill sang from a female’s perspective while McGraw’s from a man’s point of view.

McGraw and Hill are parents of three lovely daughters, and relate the song to their children’s now and future suitors. They had also shared on one of their interviews their reaction upon listening to the song.

Hill shared:

“First of all, it was simply just a great song,” “I connected to it lyrically, melodically, everything. It’s important that we…”  

While McGraw interjected and says:

“I think that’s the key word. It’s important.” 

Hill continued:

“It’s important that we be honest with one another as people.”

McGraw added:

“It’s important that young women hear that message from the men in their lives and from the other women in their lives. It’s important that the young men hear this message (too) so they know how to speak to a girl.”

RESPECT always plays a big role in how to speak to a girl, right? No matter who she is, what her skin color may be, where she lives, always remember to respect every woman equally. We must treat other women the same way we treat our mother, grandmother, and wife.

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