December 19

Listen to Faith Hill’s Internationally Successful Single “This Kiss”


When romance begins to bloom in a relationship, many emotions are felt. It makes you go crazy like you haven’t experienced before. The craziness felt is more in a good way than in a negative. This feeling of being in love and the spark of a new romance is sung by Faith Hill in her song “This Kiss.”

Faith Hill This Kiss
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Faith, The Internationally Successful Album of Faith Hill

In 1998, Faith Hill released her third studio album after three years. The album Faith was a huge success. It sold over six million copies and was therefore Platinum-certified 6x by RIAA. Hill’s album entered the US, Canada, and Australian charts. It was able to secure the number two spot on the Top Country Albums chart. Furthermore, Faith reached number seven on the Billboard 200. The most successful single in her album was “This Kiss.”

“This Kiss”

Beth Nielsen Chapman, Robin Lerner, and Annie Roboff wrote the song in 1998. Faith Hill’s single “This Kiss” was one of her successful and widely recognized songs. It has entered various charts in the US. In addition, Hill’s single also entered various charts outside of the US. In the US, the song reached number one on the Billboard country chart. Furthermore, it placed at number seven on Hot 100 and number three on the Adult Contemporary chart.

International Album, Love Will Always Win

When “This Kiss” became internationally known, Hill’s album, Faith, was changed into another title. The Albums sold outside of the US were given the title Love Will Always Win. Furthermore, some of the singles from her original album were replaced with other recordings of Faith Hill on her international albums. In her international release, there were two versions of her song “Let Me Let Go,” and one new version of “Pieces of My heart.” These newer versions replaced the songs “You Give Me Love,” “My Wild Frontier,” and “Just to Hear You Say That You Love Me” in her US album.

This love song of Faith Hill will surely make you remember the happiness of falling in love with someone.


faith hill, Love Will Always Win, This Kiss

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