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A Closer Look at Johnny Cash’s Daughter, Cindy Cash

For those wondering if Cindy Cash is related to the legendary country music singer Johnny Cash, she is. Cindy is the third daughter of Johnny, with her mom who was his first wife, Vivian Liberto. Let’s dive deeper and get to know Cindy Cash better, shall we?

Cindy Cash’s Childhood 

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Born on July 29, 1959, Cindy grew up in Casitas Spring, California. She was the third of Johnny’s four daughters with Vivian Liberto, his first wife. 

Cindy and her siblings were hidden from the limelight and kept in the dark about their father’s legendary career in music. It took her years to realize how much of a big shot her father was, especially in Nashville. 

Unfortunately, Johnny and Vivian separated when Cindy was nine years old. When asked why her parents divorced, Cindy says it was because of her father’s hectic touring schedule and the pills he had been consuming. 

Cindy’s Age and Networth

As of 2023, Cindy is 64 years old. She earns around $19,647 – $210,569 as an actress. In 2022, she had an estimated net worth of about $500,000

Cindy’s Memories of Her Father and Mother

Despite her parents splitting up, Cindy has fond memories of her father and mother’s romance. She even shares a story about her mother receiving over a thousand letters in the three years Vivian and Johnny were together. She says that they loved each other dearly back in the day. 

While Johnny Cash is known as the country music industry’s Man in Black, to Cindy, he was the best father in the world. She sees him as a loving, humorous, humble, spiritual, and gentle father to his children. 

A Look at Cindy’s Career

Cindy decided to take the same path as her father. She pursued a career as a singer/performer when she was 19 and moved to Nashville like any other aspiring artist. In addition to performing with her dad, Cindy joined a musical group composed of the daughters of prominent singers called “Next Generation.” 

The group’s members were: Georgette Jones (Tammy Wynette and George Jones’s daughter), Patsy Lynn (Loretta Lyn’s Daughter), Cath Twitty (Conway Twitty’s daughter), and Cindy herself. The Next Generation’s musical acts were enjoyed by many during the late 80s.

Cindy’s Retirement 

After a prosperous career, Cindy Cash retired from performing. She then started managing a Ridgeland, Mississippi, antique shop. 

She also published a book with Crown Publishing Group in 1997 called “The Cash Family Scrapbook.” The book contained various narratives about her family, from when her mother and father were still married to the book’s publication. 

Cindy also appeared in several TV shows after her retirement. That would include her father’s “Johnny Cash! The Man, His World, His Music” show and even the 10th anniversary of the Johnny Cash Christmas special. 

Cindy’s Relationships 

Cindy first got married when she was 18. Her first husband was Cris Brock, her high school sweetheart. Sadly, their marriage only lasted three years, after which Cindy moved to Hendersonville, Tennessee, with her daughter, Dorraine Brock. 

In 1983, Cindy remarried, this time to singer-songwriter Marty Stuart. However, their marriage only lasted five years, with the couple divorcing in 1985.  

By 2003, Cindy has her third marriage with Eddie Panetta. They enjoyed six years of blissful marriage until a motorcycle accident claimed Eddie’s life. It’s one of the few heartbreaks Cindy had to endure from 2003 to 2009. 

Cindy lost four significant people in her life during that time. She lost June Carter Cash, her father’s late wife, in 2003, followed by her father, Johnny Cash, who died a few months later. Her mother, Vivian Liberto, also passed away in 2005, followed by her 3rd husband, Eddie, in 2009. 

What is Cindy Doing Now? 

Cindy Cash today enjoys traveling and attending events that honor her late father, Johnny Cash. According to her, she would never say no to invitations to events that pay tribute to her father. Cindy Cash also says it keeps his memory alive and reflects Johnny Cash’s legacy in Country music. 


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