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Billy Currington’s “Good Direction” Scored Him Another No. 1

Sometimes, some things happen for a reason. At first, we may think that what we did was a complete failure or it means nothing at all. But, life really works in mysterious ways. The things we always hope will eventually come to us. This scenario is seen in Billy Currington’s single “Good Directions.”

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“Good Direction” and Its Chart Performance

“Good Direction” was the first song written by Luke Bryan to reach number one on the chart. He wrote it with Rachel Thibodeau in 2005. It was then given to Billy Currington to record it for his album Doin’ Somethin’ Right, which he released in 2005. The following year, Currington released the song as a single. Therefore, it climbed the top of the chart and gave him his second number one. Furthermore, it crossed over the pop chart at number forty-two.

The Story of the Song

The song is about a man who was busy selling turnips on the road when a beautiful lady asked him for directions. He gave her instructions on how to get there and recommends her to stop for tea on a local shop. He was busy helping her that he eventually forgot to ask her name. However, life has a funny way of making us think that it’s the end of something because, in the song, he eventually sees the beautiful girl again.

It’s Commonly Known As the “Sweet Tea” Song

 “Good Direction” became a popular song in 2007. It sold over a million copies. Therefore, it was platinum-certified by RIAA. Luke Bryan told the Boot that people called the song “sweet tea” song instead of “Good Direction.” Probably, it’s because of the sweet tea why the man in the song found the beautiful lady.

There’s a little country store with an old Coke sign

You gotta stop in and ask Miss Bell for some of her sweet tea

Luke Bryan’s Cover

The song was recorded by Luke Bryan, in the same year, for his album I’ll Stay Me.


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