August 19

Radio Station Speaks Up Following Jamey Johnson’s Onstage Rant

Two years after it was initially scheduled, fans were elated to have finally witnessed Jamey Johnson headlining the Bourbon Theater’s Lincoln On The Streets – which also featured performances from Ella Langley and Blackberry Smoke – last Friday (August 12) night.

He absolutely had quite a few of his fans fist pumping – but he got the entire country music nation talking for a reason.

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After Blackberry Smoke finished their set and a few moments before Jamey Johnson took center stage, a group of radio DJs from New Country KX96.9 came out to fill in some of the time. They hyped up the crowd, promoted the radio station, and introduced the next act.

However, the country star wasn’t delighted with the gesture. And he made sure the fans knew what he felt through a profanity-laced tirade he delivered, showing how fired up he really is.

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“I thought we had a good deal worked out,” the singer said to the radio station, calling them “uninvited.” “Y’all don’t play my music, and I don’t play yours, so stay the fuck off my stage.” Fans agreed and went wild, roaring their approval.

Radio Station Took To Social Media To Share Their Side Of The Story

DJs from the local pop country radio station were in utter disbelief at what had just transpired. 

Rob Kelley, the station’s content creator, for instance, said that the incident took them all by shock more than anything. This is especially true that New Country KX96.9 was working in a joint venture with Bourbon Theater to get more people into the show, and it has since been cleared by the management for them to be on stage. “We’ve never been despised by somebody like that on stage,” he said.

Kelley also came into the station’s defense, contending that they play more than just mainstream country music.

Johnson’s team has already reached out to the station to make an apology for his tirade.


Jamey Johnson

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