August 12

Luke Bryan Gets Mushy Over Son’s 10th Birthday Surprise

Prepare to shed a tear to two because we are about to unravel what probably could be the sweetest thing you’ll see today.

As diehard country fans, you probably have heard of Luke Bryan’s “Build Me a Daddy.” When his youngest son Tate turned 10 this August 11, watch how this macho daddy turns emotionally mushy because of his son’s birthday surprise.

Tate’s Favorite Cousin is Home

Caroline, Luke Bryan’s wife, announced a birthday surprise for Tate as she eagerly waits for her husband to enter the camera scene. As soon as they heard something approach their doorstep, Luke took up the camera as Tate runs to receive his anticipated gift.

Spoiler: It’s not a gigantic toy or something. It’s something that made a grown-up man like Luke Bryan cry.

Til, Tate’s favorite cousin arrived! As the two embraced, Luke’s emotions got all over him. ‘I’m literally crying’ he said while filming. Luke took over Til in 2014 after his father passed away. As the boy strives to reach greater heights in his education, he had to leave for college.

They said that Tate and Bo, children of Luke and Caroline Bryan, took Til’s leaving hardly. When the couple discovered that Til has to be back home again due to the implementation of online schooling, they decided to make it as Tate’s 10’th birthday surprise.

Adapting to Changes

Now the cousins can get excited about school together because there are hardly any risks of compromising their health through online classes. Virtually, Tate gets to see his friends back in school while Til gets to make new friends as he attends a new college online. Definitely a win-win situation isn’t it?

Although the couple admits anxiousness towards the new homeschooling method, the new experience heightens their appreciation to all the teachers for their efforts as they face the new challenges of schooling virtually. Bryan said that they didn’t have a considerable amount of patience to become a home mentor, but they are thankful for the assistance and dedication of teachers to not compromise the children’s health.

It may be hard for the educators to adjust now, but let’s look at it this way; we can all be safe and sound in our homes and who knows, there might be another birthday boy enjoying his day with his favorite buddy.


Luke Bryan

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