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2017’s Love Song “The Rest of Our Life” By McGraw and Hill

Have you already experienced committing yourself to someone and told him/her that you’ll love him/her for the rest of our life? Well, talking about love, it is a lifetime experience that happens in someone’s life. Now, let’s listen to this song “The Rest of Our Life” that was performed by American country artists Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

“The Rest of Our Life”

The Rest of Our Life, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill
Via Faith Hill’s Official Facebook Page

Back in 2017, the song “Rest of Our Life” was recorded by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. The song was originally written by American songwriters Steve Mac, Johnny McDaid, Ed Sheeran, and Amy Wadge. Thus,  American record producer Byron Gallimore along with McGraw and Hill produced this song under the Arista Nashville label.

The song “The Rest of Our Life” was released on October 5, 2017, as a single from McGraw and Hill’s first collaborative album, The Rest of Our Life. This album marked McGraw’s fifteenth and Hill’s seventh studio album released.  Upon the release of the album, two out of eleven songs became a hit. Those were “Speak to a Girl,” and “The Rest of Our Life.”

The song “The Rest of Our Life” shows great chemistry between McGraw and Hill. Many country fans had shown support for great collaborations between the couple so the song has sold 18,000 copies in its first week of release, and it went up to 143,000 copies sold in 2018.  Being one of the best selling songs in 2017, the song also entered into country charts.


However, in early 2018, a pair of Australian songwriters issued a lawsuit against the songwriters of the song. Sean Carey and Beau Golden claimed this song was copied on their 2015 track “When I Found You.” This song was co-written and recorded by Jasmine Rae. Carey and Golden sought at least $5 million in actual damages and that the song would permanently be blocked.

But Sheeran, one of the writers of the song, filed a counter-suit denying any similarity between the songs.  Ed Sheeran described the track as:

“An originally and independently created musical composition.”

Thus, in November 2018, Carey and Golden informed the court that a settlement had been agreed among all parties.

About the Song

The Rest of Our Life, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill
Via Tim McGraw’s Official Facebook Page

According to Hill, the song “The Rest of Our Life” reminded her of the day when she and McGraw decided to get married after meeting McGraw on a tour in 1996. She added upon first hearing this song that:

“There was a comfort and a security about that moment that resonates in this song.”

And McGraw added and said:

 “It’s got such an intimacy to it; I think that’s what really attracted us as well.”

Watch McGraw and Hill’s sweet but dramatic music video below:

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