July 10

How Are You in California, I WONDER if You’re Thinkin’ ‘Bout Me


How Are You in California, I WONDER if You're Thinkin' 'Bout Me 1
Kellie Pickler (image from Youtube)

After having been known as a Southern sweetheart in the 5th American Idol season, Kellie Pickler unleashed herself as a fully grown, lovely lady with her albums. Pickler went especially astounding when she graced the 2007 CMA Awards night, wearing her stunning low-cut red gown that highlighted the traces of a refined woman. The night did not end with just dazzling looks, it went even more intense with her dumbfounding live performance of her single, “I Wonder.”

During the beginning of her performance, Pickler stood and sang like the stage was her own. The crowd can sense the emotion being poured as she uttered every word like she’s talking to her target receiver. She, however, wasn’t able to hold onto her composure as she sang the line,

“Forgiveness is such a simple word, but it’s so hard to do when you’ve been hurt.” 

The then 21-years-old lady can no longer keep her feelings hidden, her vulnerability showed up as she’s almost at the end of the song. She received a standing ovation from the crowd after her performance. That was one of the unguarded and unscripted moments that elucidate the power of music that can reach a deeper and more personal sense.

How Are You in California, I WONDER if You're Thinkin' 'Bout Me 2
Kellie Pickler (image from Youtube)

“I Wonder,” An Expression of Hunger for Mother’s Love

Kellie Pickler co-wrote the song with Chris Lindsay, Karyn Rochelle, and Aimee Mayo. It’s the second single off her debut album, Small Town Girl. The song describes Kellie’s personal childhood experiences, where she grew up with the non-existence of a mother.

Pickler was born and raised in Albermarle, North Carolina. She grew up with her grandparents, as her mother left her when she was two years old. On interviews, Pickler’s mother said that she had to save her own life from her husband during that time, that’s why she did not have any other option but to leave the little girl. The fast-rising country star chose to remain silent after her mother’s statement. Though they went through roller coasters struggling with their emotions, their story has created a heart-wrenching song that marked the chart of country music.

For the record, “I Wonder” won three awards at the 2008 CMT Music AwardsBreakthrough Video of the Year, Tearjerker Video of the Year, and Performance of the Year. Also, she received a songwriter award from American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers.

Now here’s Kellie Pickler’s unscripted and unguarded moment that leaves no eyes dry. Enjoy watching!

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I Wonder, Kellie Pickler

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