February 9

WATCH: Tearful Kellie Pickler’s ‘I Wonder’ at the CMA Awards 2007

Known for her quirky personality and pure voice, Kellie Pickler surprised everybody with her heartwarming performance of ‘I wonder’ at the CMA Awards 2007. 

However, this goofball stunned everyone with her emotional performance at the CMA Awards 2007. Kellie Pickler‘s ‘I Wonder’ told the tale of the opportunities taken from her and vacant memories close to her heart. 

 “Sometimes I think about you / Wonder if you’re out there somewhere thinkin’ ’bout me / And would you even recognize the woman that your little girl has grown up to be,” Pickler lamented over a touching swell of piano and strings. 

Notably, her voice caked with nostalgia from the start of the song. 

Pickler continued singing, “I think about how it ain’t fair./That you weren’t there to braid my hair/Like mothers do/You weren’t around to cheer me on/Help me dress for my high school prom,” seemingly singing about an absent mother.

As she continued holding it together until the bridge, Pickler wasn’t able to hold the tears until the end. The flood gates opened wide as she tried to emotionally utter the final lyrics. She mustered the words “I’m in Tennessee” with such a pure yet aching voice, which made the whole performance extra special. 

The only suitable audience reaction to this piece was aptly given to her, a standing ovation. She was overwhelmed by the warm response to her singing, making 2007 CMA a history to remember.

Pickler’s mother attempted to reach out to the singer since the emotional moment. Taking advantage of various public media outlets, the mother spoke out about domestic violence and how she blames it for blurring the connection between her and Pickler.

However, the “Thank You For Being You” singer made it clear that their relationship hasn’t developed since and that there are loops that need to be addressed.

The heartbreaking performance surely opened many stories about Pickler’s life. 

14 years later, it’s hard to imagine the heights that the country music industry has reached. With her unique voice and easy personality, Pickler remains an icon in the scene, riding through the waves against R&B and pop that dominate the scene.

With the many iconic performances in the modern era, Kellie Pickler’s ‘I Wonder’ remains on the top list of most moving ones. 

Look back at Kellie Pickler’s ‘I Wonder’ performance below:


Kellie Pickler

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