October 29

Reba McEntire’s “The Fear of Being Alone” Shows Encouragement

Reba McEntire brings us one of the 1990s classic hits “The Fear of Being Alone.”

When it comes to love, the fear of being alone is not a good reason to stay in a relationship. Why? It is simply because you do not stay in a relationship because of love but the reason of not being alone. Everyone is afraid of being alone but sometimes, we have to stand alone to make sure we can make it by ourselves.

The Fear of Being Alone, Reba McEntire
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The worst thing about being alone is knowing that no one stayed for you. However, looking at the brighter side, it is better to be alone rather than allowing someone who would only destroy you. In line with this is Reba McEntire’s song “The Fear of Being Alone.”

“The Fear of Being Alone”

It is a country ballad song written by Walt Aldridge and Bruce Miller. Popular female country artist, Reba McEntire, recorded the song and it was released in October 1996 as a single from her album What If It’s You.

the fear of being alone, reba mcentire
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Upon the release of the song, “The Fear of Being Alone” entered into country charts and peaked at number 2 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Lyrics Breakdown

So don’t say that word
Not the one we both heard too much
You may think you do but you don’t
It’s just the fear of being alone

A lot of people are afraid to be alone and be left behind. So as a result, they stick with something or someone even if it hurts them a lot. In line with sticking in a relationship even if they are no longer happy with it, did you know that the fear you have won’t bring you to the place that is really meant for you? Therefore, the best thing to do is to get over that fear.

Train yourself to be strong and be brave enough to face those challenges in life because one day, you’ll eventually realize that the pain you have endured led you to fulfill your dreams.

Listen to Reba McEntire’s classic “The Fear of Being Alone:”


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