August 20

Is God Well-represented by the Media?

Hollywood has a long and complex history of portraying God in movies, TV shows, and other forms of media. Whether it be from various religions like Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and others.

Hollywood has always represented God as an old white man, but progressing times mean that there is a change in representation. Is this representation good? Is it damaging our values as Christian people?

Do you agree with the representation of God that you see?

Oftentimes, people would roll their eyes when the representation of God that they see is not according to their beliefs. Did you know that The Shack got some negative reviews just because they used a black woman as a representation of the Lord? We grew up watching movies and shows where the Lord is seen as an old white male so the general public did not like this movement.

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Another TV show like The Good Omens also portrayed God as a woman and some of the characters even questioned His motive as to why the Lord did what He did. There was also an uproar with respect to this matter where some Christian groups asked to cancel the show because of the supposed bad representation. The same thing goes with the Dan Brown movies that some even tried to boycott the movie.

The general consensus about it is that we only conform to things that we agree to. We are not comfortable with sudden changes in the society so we stay in our bubble. This is true to everything, especially with religion. When asking the question, is God well-represented in the media, the answer will always depend on you. I think it is only fair to say that you shape the representation of your own belief.

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Whether you depend on your idea about God in the shows that you watched or not, it is still important to have your own personal views about it. The overexposure of media in our daily lives may confuse us and may make us question our beliefs but having a strong faith would counter it.

The media is only there to give us information but it is up to us how we interpret it. Religion has always been a complex topic and how the media portray it will only make it more confusing. Learn how to navigate through all these and have your own personal faith without fully depending on what you watch.

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