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Zach Williams’ “Fear is a Liar” Is a Song of Encouragement

Fear is an unpleasant strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger. Do you realize how fear and lies destroy our self-worth, foundation, strength, and love for ourselves? The song “Fear is a Liar” by Zach Williams’ is a representation of what fear brings into one’s life. Losing hope? Come and allow me to take this moment to let you hear this song by Zach Williams that declares encouragement and how we must reject Satan and devote our self more to our living God. In fact, none of us doesn’t encounter problems in our day to day life.

Zach Williams’ our worship leader

Zach Williams Fear is a Liar
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Zach Williams is an American Christian rock artist from Arkansas. He never imagined that he would have a place in writing and recording music in the Christian Music industry because he lived on the road while he was still on a rock and roll band. Further, Williams thought that he will live his life fulfilling because of the lifestyle he entered, but that lifestyle led him to be lonely, empty, and away from God.  For years, he lived in a dangerous and unhealthy environment.

Zach eventually finds God again while reminiscing how God loves him. He spends countless night on the road talking with a bandmate about God, faith and how their life would be if they will leave the band.

In 2012, during their trip to Europe, he stopped his tracks and realized how he lost his life. That was the year when he found renewal to God.

“Fear is a Liar”

Zach Williams wrote this song to encourage people to overcome their fear. It illustrates what fear brings into people’s life. He uses three individuals to portray how fear is a true liar. In the music video, the individuals were struggling from a serious problem which is a life and death situation. One was battling cancer, having financial issues and one was dealing with the bullies. These people are struggling in different ways. Fear is the common factor. One was afraid what will happen to her health, one of them is afraid of what financial problem may bring and the other is afraid of what people may think of her.

They were so broken that they don’t know what to do. Until one day, as they call God by simply praying, God planted a seed of hope. It helped them overcome their fear. At that moment, it shows how prayer discover freedom when we give our anxiety over to God.

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Zach Williams

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