December 12, 2020

Taylor Swift Drops “Evermore,” Sister Album to “Folklore”

This Thursday, Taylor Swift surprised all of us with her announcement that she will be dropping her ninth full studio album.

Swift also dropped her eight studio album “Folklore” by surprise in July this year. This time, Swift said that “Evermore” is a sister record of her eighth album.

She’s 31 and Just Couldn’t Stop Writing Songs

While many were caught off guard with Swift’s announcement, though her fans were delighted, we could not help but ask why she decided to release another studio album this year? She has two reasons.

One, Swift just could not stop writing and producing songs. This was her simple and direct answer to questions about her new album. It seemed like Swift and her team could just not get out of the “folklorian woods.” They’re just so lost in their euphoric place that all they do is to create more music for all of us to enjoy!

Second, she’s turning 31. For all the Swift fanatics all across the globe, you probably know that 13 has always been her lucky number, so turning 31 is like a dream for Swift. She considers it her lucky number written in reverse.

“Evermore” is Taylor Swift’s surprise for all of her beloved fans. The country turned pop superstar would like to give back to her fans who cared, supported, and were thoughtful in her past birthdays. This year, she wanted to give them something in return. Swift also knew how hard this holiday season will be for most people, so producing a new set of music is the best thing she could think of for them to cope with the loneliness and to fill the gap of missing their loved ones.

Here’s What You Could Expect from “Evermore”

“Evermore” will be released in 2 editions. The standard edition will be featuring 15 tracks while the deluxe physical edition will be featuring 2 bonus tracks in “Right Where You Left Me” and “It’s Time to Go.” Several celebrity collaborations were also featured in the album like Haim and National and Bon Iver.

Check this track listing from “Evermore”

1. “Willow”
2. “Champagne Problems”      
3. “Gold Rush”      
4. “‘Tis the Damn Season”      
5. “Tolerate It”      
6. “No Body, No Crime” (featuring Haim)      
7. “Happiness”      
8. “Dorothea”      
9. “Coney Island” (featuring the National)      
10. “Ivy”      
11. “Cowboy like Me”      
12. “Long Story Short”      
13. “Marjorie”      
14. “Closure”      
15. “Evermore” (featuring Bon Iver)
16. “Right Where You Left Me”  
17. “It’s Time to Go”


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