August 11

‘A Song to Remember’ by A Thousand Horses is Your Quintessential Heartbreak Anthem

It’s not very unlikely that you’ve got your heart broken every once in a while. Perhaps a lover recently ended your relationship, or maybe the person you’re crushing on just friend-zoned you. Yikes! But no matter what, this next single titled ‘A Song to Remember’ will definitely be something that will stick as mother nature sets the gloomy mood for ‘A Thousand Horses’ new music video.

Sticking with the Rules

Directed by Patrick Tohill, the successful subtext of the song due to social distancing is properly displayed, thus giving us the promising music video, without agitating the authorities who only had our health in mind.

Although the ‘A Song to Remember’ portrays empathy towards one guy, the MV actually cannot present the same interpretation. Due to the physical distancing protocol that needed to be followed, the actual message of the song was instead left for the viewers to analyze.

Michael, the lead vocalist of the band, was also enthusiastic about mother nature’s support on their filming by providing ‘the perfect stormy backdrop’. He said that it dramatically increased the ambiance of their song, thus making the message easily deciphered by viewers.

Typically, this quintessential heartbreak anthem is not the manual on unlocking the secrets to get over a broken heart. Rather, its purpose mostly revolves around the support of friends when one’s in a state of emotional trauma. To nurse a brokenhearted friend, the group would unanimously give their shoulders for him to cry on as he licks his wounded ego and heart.

The Value of Friends

‘A Song to Remember’ is produced by the GRAMMY Awardee Dave Cobb and was co-written by Michael Hobby, Brad Warren, Brett Warren, and Christopher Stevens. They thought of the idea of having a song with this kind of theme years ago but they first needed the ‘drive’ to write.

No member of the band is going through a break up right now but still, digging up those buried feelings and letting them all out is definitely liberating. Plus, they also celebrate the value of friends who’ll stick around until you’re able to move on.

Individuals deal with breakups differently but what we all have in common is our friends’ shoulders to lean on. Thanks to ‘A Song To Remember’ which made us unravel the purgatory of heartache, a relatable topic indeed.

Watch also the ‘At Home’ version of ‘A Thousand Horses‘ single


A Thousand Horses

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