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Another Song To Remember Don Williams: “Señorita”

Don Williams

Again the “Gentle Giant” Don Williams is indeed one of the greatest showmen in the country music back in the days. His songs can shiver down our spines and pierce our hearts. Undoubtedly, once you hear Williams’ song, in fact, any of his songs, you’ll suddenly remember him. With this, is one of his best song in 1987, none other than “Señorita.”

We go through rough times. There are days when we feel exhausted, and sometimes we need to unwind. And if you think you’re already sinking, then sometimes it’s good to step back a little. Don Williams’ “Señorita” will help you unbend.

The Song…

Danny Flowers and Hank DeVito are the people behind the song “Señorita.” They penned the song specifically for the “Gentle Giant” Don Williams. It was released in February 1987 as the fourth single from his album “New Moves.” Moreover, the song reached No. 9 on the Billboard chart.

The Lyrics…

Back in the innocent days there was a young Cowboy
Who was in love with a Mexican girl,
Only she didn’t know it,
And he would watch her when she walked back,
In the cotton dress which danced in the wind
And her eyes held the stars
Now, she was the most beautiful thing
That cowboy had ever seen
Sent down straight from heaven
But he was afraid he would never win her heart
‘Cause of some family scars left by the rain forest
But oww… how he loved her

Senoritra passing by
Pardon me if i stop and ask you why
Senorita could it be
Someone like you could love someone like me

So he walked up to her
Tipped his hat and introduced himself
And she looked up at him and didn’t know what to say.
So he told her the story of his family
The trouble that brought the barbed wire
And all the things that he could’nt change
Then he told her that he loved her
And studied her reaction
By the time the spring rains came
They were married
And there’s an ol’ song that my family used to sing
‘Bout a young cowboy and a mexican girl
How they fell in love

Someone like you could love someone like
Like you could love someone like me

The Gentle Giant…

Don Williams was known for his title “Gentle Giant,” because of his imposing height and warm, smooth bass-baritone voice, soft tones. But all throughout his career, he has established two more things, consistency, and great songs.

From 1973-1991, Williams hit the Top 20 on the Billboard Country charts with every release. At the same time, his catalog includes lyrics that country fans could identify with strongly. All done in an easy-going style that made him a favorite of music fans here and abroad. Also, he also influenced country artists such as Joe Nichols and Keith Urban.


Don Williams died at the age of 78 due to emphysema.

Wherever Don Williams right now, his legacy and work of arts will continue to flourish. It will influence more people inside and outside of the country music industry.

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