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August 3, 2020


August 3, 2020


August 3, 2020

As the world was brought into a halt, the biggest and brightest stars shined brighter than ever, especially former country artist turned pop Taylor Swift who continued in her old ways bagging yet another number one album, ‘Folklore.’

Swift’s 7th Number One

846,000 surely is a huge number which corresponds to the number of copies sold by Taylor Swift‘s debut album this year on its first week! Yes, you read that right. It was only the first week of ‘Folklore’ and it already had attained a significantly huge number of sales, huge enough to be considered the biggest debut album release of the year.

Swift’s ‘Folklore’ easily surpassed the previous top-grossing album of the year by the Korean Pop music sensations BTS, “Map of the soul” which sold 574,000 as of today since its release last February.

If making it as the top-grossing album of the year is great enough, ‘Folklore’ has more to bring. This gave Taylor Swift her seventh number one hit. This brought her and Janet Jackson to a tie for the female artists with the most number 1 hit albums. This also placed Swift just behind Madonna and Barbara Streisand who have 9 and 11 respectively.

‘Folklore’ as an Artistic Masterpiece

Just a year after the release of her most recent album, “Lover,” Taylor Swift surprised us when she released yet another new set.

But “Folklore” is different from the most recent album Swift has produced over the years, and here are some of the reasons.

One, “Folklore” was made during the peak of the stay at home orders. Swift did all of the recordings at her home in Los Angeles.

Second, Swift deviated from the theme of exploring through the depths of contemporary pop. If the album was to be a prediction or a statement of what kind of songs we could expect from Swift in the future, it is clear that the music sensation is starting to explore new types of genres and musical approaches. Just notice the tonal experimentation that she opened with “Seven” where she started with some lustrous vocals.

Lastly, a country song from Swift can finally be heard on country radios. Like it or not, “Betty” is considered the type of country song that her loyal fans would unquestioningly support. Finally, after three long years of seeing her experiment in other genres, a Taylor Swift song is most likely to be heard on every country radio soon.


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