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November 19, 2019


November 19, 2019


November 19, 2019

Dan + Shay is winning awards left and right and they do not have a plan on stopping. On the recent CMA Awards, this duo won the category for the Best Duo and they were able to beat all their peers in the same category. All year round, this duo has been nominated in all the award ceremonies and they win almost all the time.

Winning Awards Left and Right

This is definitely the year for Dan + Shay as they won awards from the Grammy’s, CMT, CMA, ACM, Teen Choice, and Billboards. They just have that magic in them that they were able to win in almost all the categories that they are nominated for. This is unprecedented as they are new to the country music industry.

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Their success can be attributed to their massive hit “Tequila” and “Speechless.” Country music fans really loved those songs and we can’t really blame them for it.

Dan + Shay’s Massive Hit “Tequila”

The song is a massive hit not only for country fans but also for everybody who loves music. The song talks about the lingering memories of someone you love every time you indulge yourself with alcohol. This is what people relate to nowadays, a song about moving on.

Dan-shay-tequila via CTD

But with the recent songs that pop artists do, songwriters Jordan Reynolds and Nicolle Galyon decided to go a different route. They didn’t want to be negative about the idea of a broken heart. They, instead, want to relive the joyous moments shared by two people. They wanted to stay true to Dan + Shay’s style of nostalgic music.

When I taste Tequila, baby I still see ya
Cutting up the floor in a sorority t-shirt
The same one you wore when we were
Sky high in Colorado, your lips pressed against the bottle
Swearing on a bible, baby, I’d never leave ya
I remember how bad I need ya, when I taste Tequila
When I taste Tequila

Listen to their hit song here:


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