December 29

“Without Dolly Parton, Carrie Underwood May Not Have Existed”


As we all hope that next year will be a lot better than this year, we all have celebrated the contributions that some of Country Music’s living legends have made in the past years.

Reminiscing on one of country music’s most iconic female artists, Carrie Underwood says her life was like Parton’s. Underwood is rising into the country music scene in the past years, making everyone know what female country artists can do. Amongst everything that could be related to the legacy that Dolly Parton will be leaving as a country artist, Underwood is amazed how Parton has made the world better.

With all her money in her hands, Parton could just think about herself and the future. Instead, she uses it to glorify God and give back to others.

Underwood finds a deeper connection between her and Parton. As she grew up as an artist, Underwood is like Parton who has to heavily rely on her imagination. Now Underwood has felt the pressure of having radio success which was not the fact for Parton. Parton never had a formula to the way she wrote says Underwood. It always has been songs that came from her heart.

The rising legend admitted that growing up, it was a goal for her to just be like Dolly, someone who sets the best example and paves the way for the next generation. Underwood added that without Dolly, Carrie Underwood may not have existed.

Underwood clarified that she was not sugar-coating anything that she said and it was just exactly who Dolly Parton is and what her legacy has done for everyone. It would be impossible to let Underwood pick a single favorite Dolly Parton song. Fortunately, she ended up with “I Will Always Love You.”

Carrie Underwood is just one of the new blood of female country artists that has slowly captured the country stage today. This was in credit to no small part of what Dolly Parton has done paving the way for more radio air time for female country artists whim have called out Radio stations for the unfair treatment. Parton has also donated a bunch of money for the research projects for the vaccines that would help cease the pandemic that the world is facing today.

Carrie Underwood has experienced such great commercial success in the past years and we hope to hear some more from the country music star in the future.


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